My 15 Best Amazon Purchases of 2019 (Thus Far)

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Amazon is my BFF. Maybe that’s apparent by now, especially if you’ve been hanging out here for more than a hot sec. But really…nothing beats Amazon. Between the fact that you’ve got free 2-day shipping on so much AND can buy literally anything + everything under the sun (even this), it’s an unstoppable force on the internet. So, choosing my favorite or best Amazon purchases of the year so far was a HARD feat. Like, harder than resisting a good slice o’ pepperoni pizza on a Friday night (or any night).

But, in the spirit of making it happen…I did it, friends. The 15 best Amazon purchases of 2019. I did this midway through 2018 and then a full round-up at the end of the year with the best of the year as a whole, and both were CURowd hits, so we’re keeping it a thing since I’ve got a hunch you guys are just as Amazon-crazed as I am. Yeah? Cool. I knew we were tight like that. 😉

We’ve got timeless pieces here, designer lookalikes, best of baby, swimwear, home – you name it, we like it, we want it, we got it (on Amazon).


  1. Light-up vanity mirror – When I jetset off to St. Louis last month for Taylor’s baby shower, I was *shook* at her vanity mirror (aka, this one). Previously, I just had a little stand-up mirror on my vanity setup, which consists of an Ikea desktop on Alex drawers full of my makeup. It was fine, but you don’t truly realize how much you’re missing until you actually LIGHT UP yo’ face. Then BAM. Suddenly my makeup looks better and I just have NO CLUE WHY…ha. Because I stopped doing my makeup in the dark, that’s why.
  2. Lulu soy candles – I’ve been thinking of hopping on the soy candle bandwagon for a hot sec now, namely because my mama keeps reminding me of how bad paraffin wax can be in the environment of your home. Apparently, it can leave a literal residue from soot on your walls, on your lamps…basically, on anything. And also, anywhere – not just near the burning candle. So I’m attempting the soy switch, and it’s been hit-or-miss on some varieties so far…but these smell FABULOUS. I want every single scent (already have five).
  3. Photo booth strip frame – HOW FRIGGIN’ COOL IS THIS THO!?!?! I had been looking at all of J’s + my photo strips from past weddings that were chilling on our fridge, and I thought to myself, I wonder if they make photostrip-size frames? AND SURE ENOUGH. I lined up four past wedding strips and ordered them left-to-right by year, so it’s an adorable look through time together.
  4. Designer lookalike bikini – As seen in my 10 Amazon swimsuits under $30 blog post – it’s a goody! I have it in both the patriotic print, as well as red – it looks juuuuust like this designer counterpart (but for a whole lot less).
  5. Designer lookalike one piece – Another designer lookalike winner winner chicken dinner (because you know I lovelovelove me some lookalikes!) – it’s near-identical to this $108 J. Crew swimsuit, but for less than $25 instead. And I am so into the colors it comes in – I think I want the blue one next! What do you think?
  6. Leopard dress – Could NOT be more obsessed with this dress. Katie probably judges me for wearing it approximately too much to work. HA. Seriously, such a good option. It’s light and breezy, but still flattering. It’s got pockets, is a great length, has a good neckline – and comes in other prints and colors. I’ve got another leopard option in my cart as we speak!
  7. “Searching for and Maintaining Peace” – I’m in a little Bible Study x book club kinda small group of girls, and we’re currently reading this gem together. And really, it’s a true gem. It’s a short book, but deep – we all agreed that never before had we seen so many impactful points squeezed into so few sentences. It reminds me of C. S. Lewis a bit – like every other word is highlight-worthy. Ha!
  8. Indoor cycling bike – Especially postpartum, I wanted (slash needed) an altered workout routine that I could pretty much do whenever and from my house, so that IF/when I had 15 free minutes of unexpected nap time, I could squeeze in some sweat time. I heard one of my favorite YouTubers mention this bike as being really sturdy, so I tried it – if I could send $200 on a fabulous bike instead of $1,000+ like the Pelotons etc but get the same quality workout in, then why the heck would I drop the big bucks on it??? Sure enough – it’s fabulous. So fabulous, that it whooped my behind 5 minutes in. And here I was thinking it’d be an easy peasy half hour cycling session…jokes on this mama. 😉 Ha!
  9. Baby girl bows – This is the best bow pack I’ve found thus far for Liv! They’re the big fluffy ones she’s always sporting on Instagram. 😉 It’s under $10 + Prime for 20 bows in every color under the sun. And the bands are suuuuper stretchy, comfy bands.
  10. Daily Ritual jumpsuit – Jumpsuit, slash everything. This is one of my *favorite* brands on Amazon because everything is equally fabulous. It’s all this super squishy soft fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and feels like pajamas. Lots of great basics + wardrobe staples here, and all super affordable!!!
  11. Sophie the Giraffe – If you’re a fellow mama, you’re probably going OHHH YUP right about now. 😉 IDK what it is, but Sophie just works. We didn’t have her at first, and Olivia’s OT from an Early Intervention program that she’s in said OH MY GOSH, you need Sophie! And we never looked back. It’s just a squeaky giraffe reminiscent of a dog toy, but her legs are the perfect size for small chompers. Every baby loveloveloves Sophie!
  12. Nordstrom lookalike pajamas – These are Amazon PJ’s that are raaaaaally similar to a popular pair at Nordstrom. If you’re curious about the Nordstrom pair, turns out, they’ll be included in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Still a bit more expensive than Amazon, but both are great, breathable options for sleep.
  13. Lululemon lookalike yoga pants – As seen in this blog post – they’re less than $25 leggings that feel IDENTICAL to the famous Lululemon Align pants! I have both, so I’m speaking from personal experience here, friends. I broke down in my blog post what exactly each pair is actually made of, so you can see for yourself – LEGIT.
  14. Swing ruffle dress – Anther favorite dress from Amazon – it’s universally flattering and just so dang cute. Can be more casual with little white tennis shoes, or dressed up with cute wedges – really versatile piece.
  15. Olivia’s mobile – I’m such a fan of the mobile we bought Liv. I knew I wanted something that was actually engaging to look at (bright eyed creatures, bold colors, etc) and not just basic of blah. And I knew I wanted classical musical instead of chingy kid melodies (make sense? Ha!). AND I ideally wanted one where she wouldn’t just be staring at animal feet and could actually SEE their faces. Enter, this one. It plays Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, and she is obsessed. We’re almost done with it now that she’s pulling up + standing in her crib, but we’ve let it hang out for a hot sec since she hasn’t interested herself in pulling on the actual mobile yet. But mamas, it’s a goody!

What have been your own favorite and best Amazon purchases so far this year?

Anything you’d recommend adding to cart?

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