My Amazon Faves | 10 Items I’ve Repurchased

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In this post I’ll be sharing my Amazon faves: 10 items I’ve repurchased from Amazon.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Today I’m excited to pull together 10 of my favorite Amazon repeat purchases.

From fashion accessories, to kitchen, to home organization… there is a bit of everything in this list – all items that I stand by through and through!

My top 10 Amazon repeat purchases:
  1. Nippies Skin – These nipple pasties are by FAR my most repurchased item on Amazon. If you’ve been searching for a go-to nipple pastie option, seriously look no further. These are so well made and durable, yet thin and sleek on the edges so that they really never show through what you’re wearing. The adhesive is also super strong but not irritating. 100% add-to-cart worthy.
  2. Mdesign Storage Bins – I discovered these recently but have already repurchased a few times. They are sturdy, stackable, and make organizing anything feel super legit.
  3. NYX lip cream – I am almost embarrassed to share that I have these in SO many colors! I love the formula (matte but not drying) and they are easy to apply on the go.
  4. RTIC lowball cup – These are a great dupe for the pricier Yeti brand tumblers, and they are just as great quality! We have a bunch of them in our kitchen for hot pool/beach days, camping, and really anytime! My husband uses these almost exclusively for all types of beverages.
  5. Liquid IV drink mix – we discovered these over a year ago and have ordered over and over again. These come in handy for days when you’re feeling extra dehydrated. They come in individual packets that you mix into a glass of water. One pack is meant to provide the same hydration as 2-3 bottles of water.
  6. Peshtemal towels – BY FAR, the best all-purpose towel you’ll ever need. I have these in several colors and can already tell my collection will continue to grow. They are light and compact, easy to pack, and absorbent without all the bulkiness of a regular towel. I even use them as coverups at the pool/beach. Another MUST have item.
  7. Claw Hair Clips – This is a surprise item. I originally bought them for the aesthetic, but ended up loving them for the practicality. If you have long hair, the size of these is perfect. They are large (and strong!) enough to hold up hair while looking super cute.
  8. Bamboo scrub brush – These are a kitchen staple. They are easy to hold and do a great job of removing tough food without damaging pots and pans. Yet another item I happily repurchase over and over again.
  9. Cloudmusic handbag strap – This is more of a personal style preference, but these guitar trap handbag accessories add a fun pop of color (and practicality) to any purse. I originally bought one in a fun print to add a longer strap and some color to a plain black handbag. I now have them in several prints and neutrals. My go-to is the brown and black striped one, as it’s neutral and goes with almost any outfit.
  10. Palmer’s coconut water moisturizer – This is my all-time favorite face cream. It’s lightweight, smells like a delicious desert, and doesn’t clog my pores. I especially love it underneath my makeup as I feel it helps with the longevity of everything! If applied right before bed, I actually wake up with a slight glow to my skin.
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Xx Laura

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