My Apartment Balcony Reveal + More Affordable Outdoor Inspiration

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Last summer I shared this post filled with inspiration for decorating a small outdoor balcony, and I’m FINALLY here with my apartment balcony reveal! If I’m telling the complete truth I did pretty much finish decorating my balcony at the end of last summer, but by that time it wasn’t really relevant anymore to share it so I figured I’d save the reveal for this year.

Let me start off my saying I’m SO SO SO incredibly grateful to have a little bit of my own outdoor space available to me this year. When I moved into my first apartment 7 years ago having a balcony wasn’t too high on my “must-have” list, but I ended up moving into one with a balcony and having one landed itself on my “must-have” list when I was looking to buy an apartment by myself 2 years ago. Since I moved into my apartment in November 2018, I didn’t really get a chance to start decorating the space until the following Summer, but since it took me almost all of last year to decide what I actually wanted to do with it, this is really the first time I’m getting to enjoy it (and considering 90% of my time is spent at home now, I’m REALLY enjoying it).

I knew I wanted to make it functional with some sort of storage unit, but also cozy and comfortable and pretty (obviously). Right away I knew I didn’t want a traditional table and chairs, I wanted it to be more of an outdoor living room. Once I found the palm print carpet it set the tone for the entire space and everything else came together pretty quickly. I was eyeing the chairs for a while, but wanted to see them in person before buying them and I was NOT disappointed! For the price they are SUCH high quality, they even come in a loveseat if you’re interested in that in addition to or instead of chairs. Then I slowly filled with the space with tables, lights and planters.

The last challenge was finding a storage unit that was functional, large and wasn’t an eyesore! I searched for MONTHS, thankfully I ended up finding this one that checked off all the boxes and couldn’t be happier. It fits perfectly in the corner and it doesn’t scream “plastic storage container” which I’m so grateful for!

As I say with all the other spaces in my home, this one isn’t necessarily “complete”. I’d love to get a few more plants (Quarantine 2020 definitely turned me into a plant lady and I don’t hate it) and I also would love to cover the remainder of the exposed floor with 2 smaller natural jute rugs. I’d also love to get some sort of bench or maybe even a small scale chair to sit closer to the window. I still have a good amount of space over there and since I’m sure I’ll be spending a majority of my summer hanging on my balcony with friends I’d love to have 1 more seat!

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Because of I purchased a lot of my apartment balcony decor last year and some items are out of stock I figured I’d also include similar items you can shop!

If you haven’t checked out The Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balconies on Pinterest you don’t want to miss it (it’s one of my best performing blog posts of ALL time, if that doesn’t prove to you that it’s a good one I don’t know what will!)

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