New Trend Alarm: Monochrome Outfits

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Hello there gorgeous ladies! In this article we will break down the “monochrome outfits” fashion. But what does it mean? “Mono” itself means single and “chromatic” means color. It is a crazy fashion age, really crazy. Colorfulness is so IN right now. Colorfull shoes, hairs, clothes, nails… Whatever it is, using different colors is all the rage. At the same time, we have an aforementioned new trend: Using only one color or shades of one color on outfit. Yeap, it does not mean you only have to use one solid color from head to toe. The fun is wearing different shades and tints of same color.


One of the reasons why monochrome outfits are so trendy right now may be the rise of suits. Women’s entrance into business life is not a new concept of course but the prevalence of formal suits is a thing now. Women wear them not only in formal occasions but also in daily life. The good thing is that them suits don’t have to be all black and white. To look more stylish and up to date, you can combine your suits with the shades of same color or with the same color so you will nail this monochrome outfit look! It is definitely not a sunday chill outfit but for those beautiful strong working women around here, it is time to shine. Many of the celebrities use this style a lot. See how cool they look!

But we also have a fascinating alternative for sunday chills and it is, of course, sweatsuits. I know it is not a new concept. Weatsuits have been in our lives for many many years. However, they have not always been trend to wear in streets. Now with the monochrome style kicking in, they look so cool. You can just use your two-piece sweatsuits orrrr you can combine your gym clothes with anything you wish.

There is a very recent movement now: Athleisure movement. It is a movement where you can combine your gym clothes to the daily life with any piece you want. The source of this movement is the necessity of being relax and chic at the same time in all the city rush, meetings and funsiesss. All the celebrities and influencers are into this style these days. So without any effort, everyone can look really cool in this monochrome outfits. The popularity of “denim on denim” also stands out with this monochrome outfits craze.

Trendy Colors in 2020

The most risk free way to produce a monochrome outfit is using black and white. C’mon girls! We have many other beautiful colors. Summer is coming; I don’t know about you but summer always reminds me of vivid colors. So I want to encourage you to take risks with colors. Monochrome outfits mean you highlight a color as much as possible. While the color is so important, maybe we need to focus on which colors are in trend right now, don’t we?

As you all may know, every year there is a color of the year and this year it is stated as “blue”. Many tones of the color blue are encouraged; windmill wings blue, blue danube, buxton blue and more. Blue is a really soothing and refreshing color, it tends to make people cheerful and relaxed. Good thing is that it fits on almost every shade of skin. So why not using it to do monochrome outfits look? It looks fancy.

Of course there is not only one color to highlight in 2020. It is the best time to combine scarlet red and especially coral pink. Because they are the biggest fashion color trends in 2020 summer. They go along with peachy pinks and white so well.

Celebrities into Monochrome Outfits

All the Kardashian Family, especially Kim Kardashian are big fans of monochrome outfits. We already talked about how Kim Kardashian almost invented this look in the article. There are also some other celebrities’ style to binge reading.

Meghan Markle has became a fashion icon recently. Among other styles of her, she loves using monochrome outfits. She looks so elegant as always. It is impossible not to adore each look of her. You can also check this article to see further of her style.

It would be a mistake if we didn’t talked about Hadid Sisters while talking about fashion. Gigi Hadid used the color of the year blue a few times while monochroming and girls, she looked good. It is the right time to use blue till we et sick of it. Rising actress Zendaya also killed these monochrome outfits!

For those who really love this style and want to know more, there are some monochrome outfits ideas for you to get inspired. Don’t miss the opportunity to rock the streets while it is still trendy.

And if you are still hungry to learn more about monochrome outfits and how to pull it off, you can maybe read this article. I am sure it will help you.

Stay Stylish!

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