NFL Top 100: Tom Brady Ranked Second, Rob Gronkowski Ninth

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NFL Network wrapped up its annual ‘Top 100’ list yesterday, and two Patriots made the top 10…

Tom Brady checked in at number two, and Rob Gronkowski checked in at nine.


First, I’ve already expressed my feelings on how terrible these lists always are, as evidenced by the absence of ANYONE on New England’s defense. So, it really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to see Gronk at nine and Brady at two. I honestly don’t have much of a problem with Brady being two, it’s just that Cam Newton is the only guy above him.

Newton is a phenomenal talent, and his second half of the season was out of this world. However, we can’t ignore his mediocre first half of the season, and his absolutely disgraceful performance in Super Bowl 50. I know this lit is about an entire season, not one game (or play), but all things considered, I think it is obvious Brady had the better season.

As for Gronkowski being number nine, I just don’t get it. He should have at least been top five in my opinion. Certainly above Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Luke Keuchly, and possibly J.J. Watt and Julio Jones as well. Gronk is a once in a lifetime talent, and the season he put together last year was terrific.

Again, can’t be too shocked though. These lists are never that great.

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