Our Chairs Are Here!

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Our chairs are back from our favorite upholsterers, and we couldn’t love them more! Although there was a bit of an outcry to keep the mustard fabric (and believe us, we have nothing against yellow), we went with our gut and stuck with a durable Sunbrella fabric in Frequency Ash. Not only was the original upholstery nubby, scratchy and well loved, it felt a bit too much like all the colors! when paired with our blue sofa and predominantly red/pink rug.

But look! So streamlined!

We asked the upholsterers to leave the legs alone, but as soon as they made their way back into our home, we buffed out scratches with a touch of Restor-A-Finish, fussed with a couple of the bent metal tips and finished them off by applying non-slip pads. The piping along every seam is truly perfection, and the slight slub texture to the fabric adds a little something extra – just a teeny step up from plain, old gray.

A while back, we also purchased this rug for our nook during a sale, and although it was on back order for over a month, it finally arrived! We had picked it out with our new-to-us chairs in mind, and they play nicely together, don’t you think? My only complaint is that the gray is much more blue in person, which is highlighted by the blue-ish light we receive from that north facing window. We don’t plan on our green velvet chair staying there (that room has had quite a round of musical chairs!), rather, we think it’ll live in the guest room. And although we stuck it in the nook to get it out of our way while we repair drywall, we were surprised that we sort of liked it! So, who knows. That room is very much a work in progress!

The living room is shaping up, but there are still a handful of tweaks/needs: proper end tables, a substantial plant (or two?) and perhaps a lamp (or two). We’ve never been huge fans of having stuff all about, so while I feel like the media console and coffee table could use something, we’re still toying with the idea of what. (Aside from the occasional vase of flowers or candles, you know?)

In any case, we’re being careful to not force anything that doesn’t feel right, which is likely why the large main spaces in our home – living, dining and studio – are evolving so slowly. And we’re okay with that!

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