Our Cottage Home Office and Plantation Shutters

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I’m excited to share a bit of a “home renovation” update with you guys today – our little cottage home office and new plantation shutters! Our home office is also our north facing sunroom, at the very front of our cottage. It’s a very light, bright and airy space, and we have sun flooding into the rest of the house from this room.

I love all that light, but on very sunny days, it can get way too bright at my desk. Sometimes I even struggle to see my computer screen (not ideal for a photographer editing photos!). Which is why we installed these gorgeous white plantation shutters from iSeekBlinds, who I was thrilled to partner with.

As much as I love fabric curtains, and my favourite woodweave blinds, I knew neither of those options were right for this particular space.

From an exterior and architectural perspective, I personally think nothing looks quite as smart as shutters. Our sunroom windows are one of the first things you see when you arrive at our home, and I knew when we bought the cottage that shutters would transform the look of our exterior.

From an interior perspective, plantation shutters have a big advantage over curtains and roman blinds; light and privacy can be adjusted in easy and varied increments. This means you have total control over exactly how much light enters your home and how much privacy you require.

Since we have a large bank of windows at the front, we really needed privacy but also wanted to be able to look out to the garden and paddock opposite. Shutters solved this issue for us immediately. Even with them just half tilted, we can see out well, but from the street people can’t see inside.

One of the best features of our plantation shutters is the fact the top section adjusts separately to the bottom half. It means we have privacy without sacrificing light. On sunny days, we can also direct sun down to the floor, which helps warm our whole cottage.

I also love how thin the shutter blades are, meaning more light and sun enters the home.

These shutters are the PVC Australian made ones (more important than ever these days). You measure and install them yourself, but you will save a heap! We got other shutter quotes (for supply and install) and these Australian made PVC shutters from iseekblinds were around 30% cheaper than all of them. And we all know plantation shutters aren’t cheap, so this was a terrific saving. Just a little bit more work at our end, but worth it for the saving.

For flooring in the sunroom, we decided to put in sisal, instead of the french oak timber floors that we put in the kitchen/dining and living areas. It’s made the space much cosier and warmer, but also defined this room from the lounge room. The sisal, which we also put in the bedrooms, was from Southern Highlands Carpet Court (in Bowral) . I got 2 other quotes, and Carpet Court were the cheapest of all of them!

Our sunroom / home office truly is one of my favourite spaces. I’ve never loved sitting at my desk this much – ever! Some days, I honestly can’t wait to get up, get dressed and sit down to work. Looking out through big windows to our magnificent camellia hedges, and the horses in the paddock, is calming and inspiring.

It’s Autumn in Australia right now, and I love sitting at my desk looking at all the glorious autumnal colours. It’s truly like therapy! And of course I can’t resist bringing the fluro orange and yellow leaves inside too.

Some of you might notice my office has changed a bit over the years! You can see my previous home office posts here and here.

Although I loved my previous Pottery Barn desk, it didn’t fit in this room, so I decided to sell it. Not long after, I found this fabulous vintage desk at Dirty Janes in Bowral that fits perfectly, and suits the cottage much better.

Working here truly is a pleasure and I feel more productive as a result (notwithstanding Coronavirus and home schooling! ha.)

For more information about our PVC Australian made shutters, get in touch with Mike and the team and iseekblinds . I know they will be super helpful! They ship throughout Australia and help you with all aspects of the measuring, ordering and installation process.

Or feel free to ask me any questions below!

Nicki xo

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