Our Top 10 Favourite Islamic Books For Children (2019)

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As we come to the end of year 2019, I thought it was time to share some of our favourite Islamic Books for children that we have discovered or bought this year, and that we highly recommend. In no particular order, below are our Top 10 favourite Islamic Books for Children from 2019 including mini reviews. Click on the pics for where to purchase (amazon affiliate links included)

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Planet Omar by Zanib Mian

Planet Omar is a brilliant chapter book written by Zanib Mian. Although I’d originally bought it as a read aloud, my 6 year old loved reading it. She loved how funny it was and the fact that it was about a Muslim kid! The book goes through the life of Omar at his new school, a bully, Eid festivals and family. It’s a great one to buy for your kids getting into chapter books!




The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad

The Proudest Blue is a beautiful book about the first-day of hijab. It tells the story of a younger sister looking up to her older sister as she begins wearing the hijab. The story tackles hurtful words through mama’s advice and being proud of who you are. It’s a gem of a book and an important one for your bookshelf!


If Allah Wills by Dr. Oz

If Allah Wills is a beautiful book about young Faris who wants to go to the Ka’bah. Similar to children’s favourite ‘Whatever Next’, Faris sets on a journey to the Ka’bah and finds out what Muslims do there. The book is really well written with beautiful illustrations and a whole lot of imagination! This would be a great gift for families visiting for Umrah!




Treasures of Jannah by Yasmin Egala

Treasures of Jannah is about twins Adam and Hana who are visiting their Grandma for the weekend. Instead of their usual story time, their Grandma begins to tell them about a very special place – Jannah. A beautiful book about Grandparents, story telling and Jannah. It’s just the book you need when you want to start telling your children about Jannah.



It’s Jummah Day by Minaret Mountain Books

It’s Jummah Day is fabulous rhyming book with really cool illustrations about 2 young boys getting ready for Jummah with their father. I love how the book takes you through the rituals of Jummah, excellent for teaching our children about the importance of Fridays. There’s even a Jummah Checklist at the end of the book! You definitely need this one for your bookshelf! To find out more about how you can teach Jummah to your kids – click on the guest post by Kitabkids  – Allhamdulillah It’s Jummah!  




Bismillah Soup by Asmaa Hussein

Bismillah Soup has to be one of my girls’ favourite books. The story is about a young Somali boy Hasan who wants to prepare a surprise feast for his mother. With the help of the local Imam, Hasan is able to gather the community for this magnificent Bismillah Soup through generosity and reliance on Allah! We love the diversity of the book and learning new terms from the Somali culture – there’s a glossary at the back of the book too! Best of all is when we use this book to make our own Bismillah Soup! It’s a beautiful book – your children will love it!


Secret Recipe Box by Helal Musleh

Secret Recipe Box is a beautiful story about a young girl Maha and her grandmother who arrives from Palestine. Together they look through the recipes Maha’s grandmother has treasured from her village and enjoy cooking together. The book covers concepts of sharing and giving to others. Another fabulous book for your bookshelf!



Talaal and the Whispering Worrier by Shereeza Boodhoo

Talaal and the Whispering Worrier is a wonderful book about emotions, nerves and anxiety and how to tackle them. Talaal’s sister teaches Talaal how to keep calm and to fight back the whispering worrier through helpful thoughts and reciting Quran. Its an excellent story to follow up with kids with natural tendencies to worry and even better for parents to help their children who feel this way. Highly recommend it!




My first book of Islamic Months by Shade7

My first book of Islamic Months is a wonderful book to help our teach our kids (and us) about the Islamic Months. This beautiful lift the flap and fold out book is a must have for your bookshelves. With its beautiful illustrations and display like fold out book feature – it would make the perfect gift too. Here’s a bonus, sign up Shade7 newsletter to receive a monthly Interactive calendar activity for free! My girls and I have enjoyed these – it’s helped reinforce the Islamic month we are in!



Basirah the Basketballer says Insha’Allah by Hafsah Dabiri

This wonderful story takes you through the important lesson of knowing everything that happens, happens by Allah’s will. It’s a fantastic way to introduce our kids to the word Insha’Allah and learn what it means. The story features a young girl Basirah who really wants to be chosen captain of her Basketball team, but along the way she learns lessons of friendship and being a team player. This is such a brilliant book for our kids to understand how dua and the words Insha’Allah are used in our lives. Highly recommend it!


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What are your favourite Islamic Books for children? Recommend us some below!


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