Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9

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A Popular Cream, Greige Blend: Benjamin Moore Ballet White

Have you been scouring Pinterest looking for that one special colour that makes your heart POUND with excitement?

Let me save you some time and stress and introduce you to Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White.

What type of paint colour is Ballet White? Is it warm?

Ballet White is at HEART, a warm cream paint colour – but it’s not quite that simple. Cream is a yellow paint colour that has a neutral added to calm it down – and Ballet White has a LOT of neutral in it, making it what I fondly call a dirty cream paint colour – and dirt has never looked SO good.

What is the LRV of Ballet White?

The LRV of Ballet White is 73.68 which means it’s a light colour. If you’re not well-versed in LRV, I highly recommend you read this article – it’s a game-changer when it comes to choosing paint colours. And while Ballet White is ALMOST in the off-white range, it still offers a nice, soft contrast with white trim, while keeping things low-key and muted.

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What are the undertones of Ballet White?

First, let’s talk about cream. A typical cream paint colour starts out as yellow and can sometimes grab a wink of orange, red or green. Added to this is a soft neutral base which calms everything down – the neutral is what turns yellow paint colours into cream paint colours! And while Ballet White has a BEAUTIFUL creamy look to it, unlike ‘normal’ cream paint colours, where the yellow is more dominant, Ballet White has a considerably STRONG neutral base mixed, creating a more blended look and balanced look.

This means that in some rooms, you might see more of a warm, muted, but still slightly creamy look, while in others, you’ll see a more of a creamy-greige (mad love). For people who love cream, but don’t love yellow (I’m always amazed at this as cream IS yellow), Ballet White can be a great place to land.

In the previous photo, look at how MUTED and subtle Ballet White looks – hardly a wink of cream to be found! However, if you were to COMPARE it to the likes of BM Edgecomb Gray, which is a committed greige, you’d see the warmth much clearer.

In this next photo, you can see the warmth showing up to the party a bit more, but still VERY subtle.

BM Ballet White in the foreground, BM Gray Cashmere in the background

And unlike colours with a bit more COLOUR in them, I find that Ballet White has WAY more flexibility and suits many more rooms. Why? Because no matter what it looks like, it always stays neutral. It’s easier to like or dislike a ‘colour’ because colours tend to have emotional responses attached to them, whereas neutrals tend to have ‘neutral emotional responses’ attached to them. If you don’t like green then you DON’T LIKE GREEN and it’s an emotion you’ll be feeling. If you hate red, then you HATE RED, again it will be emotional (but this Ginger’s feelings might be crushed). You may not get excited about neutrals, but you probably won’t hate them (another reason why neutral paint colours are so great for Home Staging).

It is easier to like or dislike a ‘colour’ because colours tend to have emotional responses attached to them, whereas neutrals are often less emotional

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Ballet White on the exterior of a home

Ballet White is a great choice for an exterior as natural light really makes ALL of the aspects of Ballet White (yellow-cream-beige-gray) recede, so that it generally looks like a soft, light, neutral colour with no dominant personality or colour shining through. If you have a south-facing home you could expect to see a BIT more warmth.

Before Ballet White…

And after Ballet White…

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If you’ve read my post re: Picking Exterior Paint Colours, you’ll know that exterior colours tend to come up a bit lighter than you THINK they will. Ballet White proves this point nicely – without looking white or stark.

If you’re a Sherwin Williams fan, check out SW White Duck (link goes to my Youtube colour review), which is VERY similar to Ballet White.

Kylie M E-Design

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A few more things about Ballet White…

  • If you are looking for a slightly warm greige paint colour, Ballet White might have TOO much yellow in it. It is far more cream than it is greige. Check out BM Edgecomb Gray instead
  • If you are looking for a cream colour and don’t like grayish tones, Ballet White will probably be too neutral feeling for you. Check out BM Gentle Cream
  • Northern light can slightly enhance the gray undertones of Ballet White
  • Direct natural light will wash Ballet White out because of its higher LRV
  • Ballet White is a great ‘whole home’ colour as it is light enough for hallways and interesting enough for larger rooms 

Not sure if Ballet White is the right colour for you? Want something warmer, lighter, brighter? I’ve got more!


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