Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

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I’m pretty sure that this salted caramel almond butter is the best hostess gift ever- made with no sugar, and all natural ingredients.  It might even be too good to part with- better make an extra jar for yourself.

These sour cream, cheddar and chive drop biscuits are perfect for a brunch, or as a side to dinner. Come to think of it, they would be perfect for Canadian Thanksgiving, which is next week… yum!

This is a fun idea for a DIY dry erase board, and you could have a lot of fun wit the type of photo- pets or a group family photon come to mind.

This is a great, simple tutorial on converting a commercially made thrift store sweater into a cowl, and the tips on sewing with knitted fabrics are invaluable.

I love this print. I love the gentle reminder that the days are always better when we throw kindness around like confetti.

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