Pure Pretty: Daniel Henney

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So I was determined that I would post something other than Pure Pretty, after unveiling 2 Pure Pretty posts one after the other. Y’know, so that the blog wouldn’t appear too frivolous and fangirly. *clings to denial*

But after a pretty exhausting work trip, followed by a long and hectic weekend, I just didn’t have the mental bandwidth to continue writing my review of You From Another Star. *contrite* When my brain’s had enough time to recover its drama-appreciating faculties, I promise that the YFAS review will be the first thing I tackle. *pinky swears*

While resting my brain, I thought I’d do some research for Pure Pretty. And we know how that’s gone before, heh. A little research soon turned into a sizable haul of pretty, which I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. And so I bring you Daniel Henney, who single-handedly commanded almost all the votes for future Pure Pretty that got floated after the first 2 posts.

Can’t say I don’t aim to please, eh? 😉

Ever since I first laid eyes on Daniel Henney in My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005), I’ve agreed with pretty much everyone else in the dramaverse that he is one very good-looking man.

I even rather liked him in Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006), which I thought was a cute movie, and later, I even watched Spring Waltz (2006) coz he was in it.

My interest waned after some time though. Maybe it’s coz he’s not so great with the acting.

And maybe it’s coz Daniel Henney’s not quite my type. Maybe it’s coz he’s too pretty? We all know how my taste tends to lean towards the less conventionally handsome boys.

Still, while browsing the many, many available pix of Daniel Henney on the interwebs, I did find a very nice number of photos that I genuinely liked. And so I picked the ones I liked the most for this post.

Only the very best for you guys, y’know. 😉

As always, I’ve categorized the photos for our easy gazing. And just in case you wanted to put the pretty on your desktop or something, I’ve included wallpaper sizes where possible. Yes, I love you that much, heh.


With such great bone-structure, Daniel Henney’s close-ups are often like works of art. As I looked at these photos, I couldn’t help thinking how handsome he is. That, and how you could practically cut through ice with that bone structure.

Old Hollywood:

Possibly because of his classically handsome features, sometimes Daniel Henney’s photos look like they fit right into Old Hollywood. He looks retrolicious and so statuesque.


I don’t have a particular preference for preppy (wow, that was unintentionally alliterative!), but I hafta say, Daniel Henney makes preppy look sexy. He rocks the glasses in a way that only very handsome men can. And I very much approve.

Smartly Suited:

I do love a man in a sharp suit, and Daniel Henney’s good looks certainly don’t hurt either. He suits up real nice, though to be honest, my favorite shots in this set are of him in the white shirt and vest. Very nice.


As good as Daniel Henney looks in the sharp clothes, he looks just as good in more rugged togs. Whether he’s casually sporty or showing us his rough ‘n rugged side, he’s equally pretty.


The pix where Daniel Henney is a touch – or more – undone are particularly sexy.


For someone who’s so famously pretty, it’s little surprise that the shirtless pix are particularly pleasing. This is certainly a case of nature and nurture coming together quite perfectly, wouldn’t you say? I think of some of us might need a drool bucket, or at least a handkerchief, to fully appreciate this section. Just sayin’.


Y’know, even though the shirtless pix are something else, I actually think I like even more, the pix of Daniel Henney where he’s bright-eyed and fresh-faced. There’s just something very wholesome about these pix which I really dig.


I find the air of focus about a man a very attractive thing. Which is why I like these pix with Daniel Henney either actually concentrating on something, or at least pretending to concentrate on something, heh.


These are actually my favorite of the lot.

Looking at these casual shots, some of which are candids, I actually felt like I was getting to see more of Daniel Henney’s personality. I liked that. I especially awwww-ed at the shots of him with the doggies. Coz, puppy!! ❤ And who can resist a guy who’s kind to doggies, right?


This last batch of photos really give me the impression that he’s a nice guy. You can just tell, by the gentle, protective way he’s holding that last pup. And really, that appeals to me even more than the fact that he’s chiseled and handsome.

You’re a good bloke, Daniel. That’s a very cool thing.

And, thanks for the Pretty. We.. appreciate it very much. 😉

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