Romantic DIY Bed Canopies (on a Budget!)

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Want to add a little softness and romance to your bedroom? Here are great projects on making a fast, easy and cheap DIY bed canopy to be hung anytime you want to cozy up! Also consider draping it around a sofa or a reading chair, hanging it over an entry table or fireplace mantel for drama, or use it to play up a focal point in any room. Oh, and don’t forget, the bed!

Combine this treatment over your loveseat with a few floral or lace pillows for a wonderful cottage look. Add it over an entry art display for an elegant backdrop, or use it over your little princess’s bed for a no fuss special room treatment! You could add fringe or beading to the bottom edge with a glue gun.

This project holds a huge range of possibilities for adding romance and charm to your rooms, on a budget! DIY canopy basics are easy! Think of it like hanging curtains, just from the ceiling instead of the walls.




How to Make a DIY Bed Canopy

Step 1 – Attach something to hang fabric from to the ceiling. Determine whether you want the fabric to drape to the floor, surround the entire bed, or only accent the corners.

Step 2 – Hang the fabric of your choice! It really is that simple…

Options for making DIY Bed Canopies?

  • Curtain rods mounted to the ceiling.
  • Simple cup hooks with fabric tied to them with ribbon.
  • Hand towels rings.
  • Embroidery hoops gathered with fabric panels over the headboard.

DIY Bed Canopy Tutorials

Loving on this Boho flavored DIY bed canopy from ‘Lily Pad Cottage‘. This is made of just curtain panels and screw in hooks! We really like how they hung a basket as wall art over the canopy. It really makes it feel like a more substantial part of the room design. Plus, it’s just really cute! The macrame plant hangers kind of echo the tassels on the bed canopy as well, both in color and in form. B&W bedroom with a pop of color, so many great ideas to steal here!


Make a DIY bed canopy using the embroidery hoop technique with this easy tutorial from ‘Burlap + Blue‘. Love the romantic vibe of this one! This is a really inexpensive way to add that canopy feel to room, without having to overwhelm the bed with fabric. This would be so pretty over a crib as well, but make sure it’s out of little hands reach!


A curtain rod, sheer fabric and fairy lights are a sure fire recipe for a perfect DIY bed canopy! And you can do this too with this step by step tutorial from ‘Mr. Kate‘! The lights make this entire canopy project like a fairy tale dream, don’t they? I’m not sure I would ever want to turn them off and go to sleep!

This canopy was made by attaching curtain rods to the ceiling, then just hanging curtain panels… From ‘Lonny Magazine‘!


Country Living‘ created this canopy with a round embroidery hoop!


Staple shirred fabric to a wood furring strip, fold over once to hide the wood, then nail or screw to the ceiling. Photo from ‘Rosy Red Buttons‘.


These last DIY bed canopy photos are inspirational only, from Pinterest.  Simple curtain rods pointed to the ceiling, muslin fabric… and candles. Don’t forget the candles! (Not near the canopy, of course!)


Use towel bars mounted to the ceiling and drape fabric through. Takes 20 minutes!

We hope you loved reading all about DIY bed canopies! We think you will also love our posts on DIY Bed Frames and DIY Under Bed Storage!

Image Credits: Inspiration for Home, Lily Pad Cottage, Burlap + Blue, Mr. Kate, Lonny Mag, Country Living, Rosy Red Buttons

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