Shakey’s Pizza Parlor Ramon Magsaysay – The New Premium Pizza Taste Test

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Glad of the newest Shakey’s pizza near me!

A Shakey’s Pizza Parlor newly opened along Ramon Magsaysay street.  The location of the pizza restaurant is beside Total gas station and bonjour convenience store.

This pizza store is one of my favorite childhood restaurants.  They have grown from offering simple pizzas and chicken meals, to adding more items into the Shakey’s pizza menu menu like salads, soups, pasta and desserts almost similar to Pizza Hut Bistro.

New on Shakey’s menu

Panna Cotta desserts using KitKat chocolate bar 115 PHP – looks tempting!

UCC Coffee Cafe Americano PHP 85,  Panna Cotta and coffee bundle 185 PHP

First impressions of Shakey’s Ramon Magsaysay branch

Upon entering the pizza diner, my childhood nostalgia kicked in.  The design felt familiar and comforting, alomst similar to just the way you remember it. – the wooden cabin style and brick walls, the vintage photographs, their signature lamps, and even the utensils like this pitcher.  It still feels so 1950’s.

Do you still remember this pitcher? I think they have been using this design since they opened even the designs of the lamps!

A pizza place for families

The pizza restaurant area is really spacious! I can see that many families will be booking this place for big birthday celebrations.  There are even long tables for big gatherings having a pizza party good for 8 or 14 people. They have done a great job preserving the classic interior of Shakey’s we grew up with.

New Shakey’s pizza flavor taste test

For our visit today, we tried the Texas Chicken BBQ from their Premium ingredients pizza menu. It consists of chicken barbeque, red onions, rich smoky barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, drizzled with fresh cilantro pesto.

You can choose which type of crust you want whether their original thin crust or hand tossed for the soft and chewy type.

Already familiar with the thin crust pizza, this time we decided to try the hand tossed style Texas Chicken Barbeque Pizza.

Shakey’s pizza taste review

Dough 4/5

The dough texture was indeed chewy with a mild crisp on the outer layer of the crust.  As for the dough taste, it was quite plain and bland however acceptable.  The best benchmark for pizza dough so far goes to Serious Dough located in Hole in all inside Century Mall.

Pizza topping 4/5

The chicken topping was really lacking in proportion to the size of the dough.  Maybe because the chicken was sliced into chunks instead of thinly sliced.  You will be mostly eating the sauce with your pizza.

Taste 3/5

The combination of the ingredients tasted good on your first bite.  However, as you continue your way to consume the entire slice, you realize that the barbeque sauce is too sweet and overpowering, making the cilantro pesto and onion tasteless.  We tried to salvage it somehow by adding parmesan cheese and chili flakes but it was still too sweet.

Price 3/5

We picked the large size for 469 PHP and added around 50 PHP for the hand-tossed crust

Amenities 5/5

  • Charging and wifi – They have fast speed internet and sockets where you can plug in your charger or laptop.  Perfect for meetings or freelancers
  • Spacious parking space – I think there are about 10 parking spaces available near the restaurant entrance and more near the convenience store.  There’s even enough room to double park.  In short, enough parking to accommodate your party guests.
  • Fully equipped comfort room – Each restroom have 2 cubicles and each toilet has a bidet shower (the hose you can use to wash your butt!)  a huge roll of toilet paper, soap and modern hand dryers that’s on the floor up.
  • Kid-friendly – aside from the high chairs for toddlers, children can play with the toy crane.

Final thoughts

This newly opened Ramon Magsaysay branch of Shakey’s is one of the good and spacious pizza restaurants to have a classic American style comfort food and diner experience.  They have a wide variety of food available whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian.

They also serve classic root beer float, sweet fruit shakes, soda, ice tea and coffee.

They can accommodate big groups for parties and offer party packages and shakey’s menu group meals good for 3 persons and more.

It is a family friendly place with their classic cabin and brick style design

Overall the amenities are excellent.

The location is also accessible and parking is spacious.  Staff is also friendly and accommodating.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor

Address 3995 Ramon Magsaysay Blvd. cor. V. Mapa St., Zone 057, Sta. Mesa, Manila, 1016 Metro Manila

Directions map

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