Step Inside Restoration Hardware – Scottsdale

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Step Inside Restoration Hardware – Scottsdale with me, won’t you?

Where do you draw your interior inspiration from? 

Is it from a magazineretail storefavorite blog?

My inspiration comes from these places and more.  Moving into a new home that needs TLC in every room keeps me on my toes with every space I see.  One retail store considered my all time favorite is Restoration Hardware.  If I could move into one of their stores and call it home, I would.

Moving to Arizona, one of my first stops for inspiration was Restoration Hardware in Scottsdale.

The first time I went to this three story massive space, my jaw dropped. 

It was (is) amazing. 

After permission, I snapped away, so I could bring it home to you.

Stepping inside is like walking in the pages of a magazine.

Every space is thought out to perfection.

I learned a lot.

Let me explain…

Take a look at the picture above.

Less is more. 

Restoration Hardware uses large and impressive items to fill a space,

not clutter a space.


is used which creates cohesive and relaxing rooms . 

(Look at the mirrors symmetrically placed framing the artwork.  The lighting and cabinets also mimic one another).


Caned back chairs tend to make a statement all their own. 

As well as a beautiful chaise.

Imagine reading a book …

right here.


Moving outside,

they make a concrete wall look chic with plants, vines, and mirrors.

Check out these super cool light fixtures using Edison Bulbs.

Here is another example where rooms with symmetry create beauty.

Let’s head upstairs…

Look at the gorgeous crystal chandeliers with cages hanging from thick rope.

On the second floor this is what you will find.

Did I mention, I want that coffee table?

I noticed every room had impressive chandeliers,

AND, impressive artwork,

this clock definitely makes a statement,

as well as the pictures of the moon.

Most of the rooms were painted with a dark slate grey,

which you can purchase here…

and the window treatments were also dark grey with rope as tiebacks.

(Love this)

Here’s a trick of the trade that creates ambiance in a room –

Using up-lights beside every window treatment.

Look at this vintage bin filled with vintage books rolled up with twine.

This was another table which made me swoon.

Look at the wood inlay… just gorge…!

Here you can see how massive this space is.

See why I am saying I could live here?

Head upstairs to the outdoor furniture collection.

At the top, this greets you.

The window treatments, furniture, light fixture, and planters invite you in.

The floral and succulent arrangements are breathtaking.

I love this console table flanked with two chairs, lanterns and glowing flame-less candles.

Notice the clocks, maps, and light fixtures over the stairway.

Head outside and enjoy the mountain views while sitting on the cozy outdoor sofas.

and the beauty of Restoration Hardware outdoor design.

They do it right with every little detail.


They also have new indoor/outdoor fabrics, these greys are gorgeous, don’t you think?

Make sure you look around closely,

or you may miss something…

like the legs on this piece.

Restoration Hardware in Scottsdale takes my breath away.

I wish I could show you the entrance and more outdoor spaces,

but these shots were taken the morning of some major flooding

and everything was wet.

I will share more outdoor spaces with the next visit.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of one of my favorite places.

Do you have any retail stores that take your breath away?


 Thanks for stepping inside Restoration Hardware with me today.


Every. Single. Moment.



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