Stephen King Says That Josh Boone’s ‘The Stand’ Might Be Two Movies

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A film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand exists in a realm that I like to call “I’ll believe it when I see it,” as it has long been a big screen unicorn that pops up as a dumb rumor every few years. However, for the first time since that terrible 1994 miniseries that almost ruined the hopes of King’s fans for eternity, the buzz around The Stand seems to be legitimate, as King can’t stop heaping praise on director Josh Boone, who is adapting the screenplay himself. Hell, it’s big news that Boone simply hasn’t already bailed like all of the other directors and actors that have been attached over the years.

Still, fans of the book have to wonder how Boone plans to turn 1,000-pages of story into one film, even if it’s three-hours long like has already been rumored. I mean, that’s a lot of Matthew McConaughey being dark and creepy, if the gods are kind and help that other rumor come true. Well, according to King’s recent interview with MTV, we shouldn’t “count on it being one film,” because Boone is taking it in his own “hugely ambitious” direction.

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