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I have prepared a style guide article for you! As spring enters and the weather is warming up, all of us want to feel light and comfortable in our clothes but at the same time want to adapt to the trends. But the most important part is we want to feel like ourselves in our clothes. If you are too, I think you will love these style guides that I picked from Amazon. I picked them from Amazon because Amazon is a very popular platform nowadays and the whole world is using it. And it also has lots of options for us.

Amazon is where you can easily find everything you are looking for in every category. So, here are a few style suggestions for you that you can easily buy them at the Amazon website. You can click here to Reach All the Clothes in This Article!

And also, if you want to look at What’s New in the Other Stores, we have some article about it.

What is is an American multinational technology company which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook it is listed in the “Big Five Companies” in the information technology industry. And also Amazon is one of the most valuable brands in the world. In 1994, Amazon first emerged as an online marketplace for books, but over time it has expanded to sell electronic gadgets, video games, clothing, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. Now, they have an unlimited product range and offer many different services other than (like Amazon Prime.)

For our case, we just look at the fashion part. I choose five warmer weather style guides for you because of the season. But you can easily adapt them to other weather occasions and wear them every season whenever or wherever you want to. Let’s start!

Style Guide; Look One

For my first style guide, I style some blazers with a good jean and a crop top under it;

Blazers are so on trend right now. So I choose 4 different blazer options for this style guide. Green and pink are this season’s colors. And checkered print too. So I choose some green and black checkered print options but if you are one of the basic lovers out there, we have some plain black or white options for you too. I personally love that white one. It looks so chic and it can go with all your combines very easily. For an oversized look, you can buy your blazer one or two sizes bigger.

Style Guide- Look Two

Guys! I have to add some trenchcoat to one of my style guides. Because it’s trench season and I know we all love a good trenchcoat.

Here are two options that I love. Green or camel. I personally prefer the green one because I love that green color. But you can choose whatever you want.

For this style guide, I choose more sport chic look. Because of the coronavirus we are all get used to wear our sweatpants. Therefore, there may be those who still want to wear sweatpants when going out. To make our tracksuits a little more stylish, I thought we could wear a chic boot under it. And I think it will look amazing!

Look Three

Bucket hats are all of ours favorite hat styles for this warm weather. And biker shorts too. Biker shorts are on the trend since the 2019 summer season. For this style guide, I decided to combine these two trends together with some dad sneakers. To spice up this look, you can add a vintage denim jacket or a good oversize shirt and some stylish sunnies.

Style Guide- Look Four

Satin skirts have been in and out of the fashion industry for several years. This year it is one of them and satin skirts are very trendy. So I thought I should use it for one of my style guides. You can prefer a mini or long version too but I prefer midi skirts. I think they are so flattering.

I need that lace up cross over top! And you should too. This year, all fashion brands have this type of tops. And I find you the cheapest version. With a good comfy flat sandal, you can never go wrong.

Look Five

We all missed swimming, sunbathing on the beach and bronze skin. So I thought it might be good to make a combination with a bikini as the last style guide. Sexy lace up bikinis are very trendy this season. Just like with lace tops. I choose two versions for you.

There is no season for jean shorts. Especially a good Levi’s one. Amazon has a good brand range like Levi’s. You can find them easily on the site. This style guide’s last item is headscarves. Scarves are so versatile. You can tie scarves to your head in many different styles. If you don’t like to wear a hat, it can be a good option on these hot days. You can even use it as a top.

Here some style to tie the scarf;

Stay Stylish!

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