Surreal Log and Wood Cabins Exposed To The Wilderness

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As summer fades away and the colder seasons approach, we end to change our perspectives from the warm turquoise clear waters to the power of the mountains and the rich greenery of the wilderness. We dream of a cozy atmosphere on a wooden porch admiring the striking beauty of the natural habitat in a clean fresh environment where we can return to the basic needs and be ourselves, away from the hustle and noise of the big city life. And what better place to enjoy such an experience but a wooden log cabin surrounded by wild life and the elegance of mother nature?! I for one would love to own such a place, the perfect retreat and, who knows, maybe a permanent home someday.

Just imagine the surreal winter landscapes and yourself and your family and friends around a wonderful fireplace admiring incredible wild views.There are lots of wooden cabins for sale around the world but we would recommend you if you can afford such a dead to build your own according to your needs and desires, especially if you intend to transform the location into a permanent home. Cast a glance at the following gallery featuring Surreal Log and Wood Cabins Exposed To The Wilderness. You wild be mesmerized by the incredible landscapes and architectural designs, we assure you. Enjoy!

Would you dare to leave the city behind and go and live in such an incredible place? How does your dream home away from home look like? We invite you to share your ideas and opinions in the comment section below.

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