The 20 Best Female Drummers — by all means, badass

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*We’re updating this very popular post for 2019 and including 30 more female drummers! This will round out the list to 50 of the best female drummers. We’d love your input. Leave a comment with your favorite female drummer! 

Despite being the very backbone of bands, with their presence felt, literally, in every beat —drummers are often overlooked by media and fans alike (especially female drummers), who tend to ogle over singers and guitarists that are positioned forthright and in an audience’s face. We here at Grimy Goods want to remind all ye music devotees how badass the fantastically talented, yet under appreciated, ladies behind the skins are. It’s impossible to cover all the amazing women rockin’ the kit but we thought we’d shout out a few who truly brighten our musical experiences… thank you, ladies.

With a little help from our Grimy Goods readers, our editor and myself, we’ve updated our past Best Female Drummers list to reflect a broader spectrum of music and women. Check out our Top 20 Badass Female Drummers list below! If your favorite drummer is not on this list, mention her in a comment!

Words: Emily Saex

Cu: Sanda Olinger & Emily Saex


In alphabetical order because these female drummers are just too awesome to list in any other way.

1. Carla Azar – Autolux

2. Lori Barbero – Babes in Toyland

3. Cindy Blackman Santana – Santana, Lenny Kravitz, etc.

Photo Source: Cindy Blackman Santana Website Gallery

4. Elaine Bradley – Neon Trees

Photo Source: Neon Trees Official Website Photo Gallery

5. Stephanie Luke (aka Rusty Coathanger) – The Coathangers

6. Julie Edwards – Deap Vally

7. Barbara Gruska – The Belle Brigade

Photo Source: The Belle Brigade Facebook Page

8. Laura Harris – Ex Hex

9. Liv Marsico – Liphemra, Gothic Tropic, etc.

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