The Best Affordable Cottagecore Clothing on Amazon

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Without a doubt, Cottagecore fashion is one of my favorite styles this season.  I love how simplistic, feminine, and whimsical the style is.  Throughout the pandemic, Cottagecore fashion has been consistently worn by social media influencers and famous people like Taylor Swift.  Unfortunately, Cottagecore can sometimes be expensive and hard to find.  However, Amazon has some amazing and affordable pieces to check out.  Today, I’m sharing with you the best affordable Cottagecore clothing on Amazon this summer!

What is Cottagecore?

According to Urban Dictionary, Cottagecore (also known as Countrycore and Farmcore),  is an aesthetic and fashion style inspired by romanticized interpretations of rural and farm lifestyles.  The Cottagecore aesthetic runs much deeper than just cute clothes – it highlights a simple lifestyle that is in peace with nature.  In addition, Cottagecore is a unique lifestyle that embodies fashion, cooking, sewing, embracing simplicity, and stepping away from our busy lives.

Why is Cottagecore Popular? 

1. The Pandemic 

The Coronavirus Pandemic definitely shaped the emergence and success of the Cottagecore aesthetic. During the height of the Pandemic,  many people throughout the world sought purpose outside of monetary and economic drive.  Many people were forced to reprioritize their lifestyle and find greater meaning within their own home – baking, gardening, spending time with family, and dressing simpler. During the Pandemic, Cottagecore turned struggle and uncertainty into something peaceful, comforting and adorable.  

2. Sustainability Movement 

The Cottagecore aesthetic places value on thrifting, ethical manufacturing, handmade things, cooking things at home, and growing vegetables.  In essence,  Cottagecore culture emphasizes sustainability and “slower fashion.”

The Best Affordable Cottagecore Clothing On Amazon

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