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I know they’re not for everyone, but I love a good motivational quote. I blame that entirely on Pinterest as I tend to pin whenever I’m procrastinating or feeling a bit down, and I love how you can come across a quote which instantly inspires or motivates you.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to my favourite quotes but I thought it’d be good to share some of the best quotes I’ve found over the years. None of these quotes are written by me originally, but they’re all quotes, sayings or mantras that I’ve got saved on my phone whenever I need a boost or a burst of motivation to tackle my never ending to-do list.

I also have shared some of my favourite quotes which I’ve made into phone wallpapers with over 40 to choose from, which you can find right here.

Take the risk, or lose the chance. You decide!

I’m a real worrier and my friend tells me I worry so much, I worry about worrying. I’ve always been a worrier so that’s never going to change but my worry tendencies hold me back from so much, and I know I’m missing out on many things as I’m constantly worrying about what might happen.

By taking the risk, you’re seizing the opportunity and even if it doesn’t work out well, you’ve not feel as if you’ve missed out and nor will you ponder the ‘what ifs’ regretting not taking that chance.

Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing!

There’s definitely a ‘worry’ theme with these quotes but they’re definitely helpful if you too find you spend too much time worrying. I like this one as blogging can be so competitive, but it’s pointless worrying what other people are doing as it’s a waste of time and energy.

Focus on yourself and stop stressing over what other people are doing as it’s just not healthy or productive.


It’s a good week to have a good week.

I like quotes that focus on productivity and positivity surrounding work and I always try to start my week as positive as possible. I always see Monday as being somewhat of a fresh start, so I try to start my Mondays as positive as possible in the hope that my week will be positive too.

If you’re not a nice person online, you’re not a nice person in real life.

I thought this quote fitted in well with the whole internet hate thing. When you have a blog or YouTube channel, you’re unfortunately opening yourself up for criticism if you like it or not.

I hate that just because you’re a blogger, you’re expected to get hate but I really do believe, how you behave online speaks volumes on your true character offline. If you’re horrible to people online, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re not the nicest of people offline either.


Comparison is the thief of joy.

This is one of my favourite quotes full stop. I think we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, I guess it’s just human nature. However I’ve found that it’s never productive and can only make you unhappy comparing your life to those you see as being more successful than yourself. The quote was originally from Theodore Roosevelt and is one of the quotes I see most often on Pinterest.

What you think of yourself is much more important than what other people think about you.

I’m the worst for stressing over what other people think about me. Not everyone will like you, and that’s OK. The only person that you should worry about liking you, is yourself so focusing on self love is much more important than worrying that other people may not like you.

This ties is well with another of my favourite quotes and that’s “stop worrying about the opinions of strangers on the internet” which is SO true as they don’t even know you, so why does it matte?!

You get what you work for, and not what you wish for.

This is a great quote for inspiring me to concentrate on my blog as it’s so true. Dreaming of success won’t make you successful unless you work hard so I like to set myself different goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep myself motivated to do the best I can.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes, and I have more quotes I’ll be adding very soon..

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