The Nook: Green or Green?

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As settled as we are about the very soft, very pale hues of gray, blue and pink in the other areas of our home, I’ve been losing my mind (and as a result, Scott’s losing his!) over a color for this teeny, tiny nook beyond our media wall:

This is a funny little space, full of awkward angles and nooks within itself, due entirely to the fact that it’s directly beneath our stairs. It does, however, receive so much sunlight all day long, and we think it can handle a color that’s rich and dark, a color that feels cozy. We’re ready to paint this room now, since it’s within plain view of our couch – and generally an eyesore of primed spots and a yellow-beige that has got to go.

You might remember that we widened the doorway to this room to further create the “nook” feeling (as opposed to, oh, hey, what’s that room beyond the door?), and ultimately, it’ll house our turntable, record collection and books. We’ll have a soft rug underfoot and – once we find it! – a chair so comfortable, you’ll want to stick your nose in a good paperback and follow that up with an afternoon nap. (Same goes with the felines in this house, too!) We’re leaning towards toned down neutrals for any shelving and furniture (think: dove grays and whites), so we’d love a big contrast for the walls.

I’ve been submersing myself in dark green rooms around the web lately (a big thank you to Julia and Emily for furthering this current color crush), and Scott is just as excited to create a room that feels warm, with a color that feels slightly dramatic and refined at the same time. The problem? For the life of us, we cannot decide on that just right shade. Together, we chose and picked up 6 test pots:

From left to right, top to bottom: Valley Hills (Behr), Garland (Behr), Blue Fir (Martha Stewart), Wild Sage (Behr), Shaded Spruce (Behr) and Marsh Creek (Behr).

The good news is that we’ve nixed everything but the two on the far right, top and bottom. The middle shades were too vibrant, and the green-grays on the left were too gray and soft (and not enough green for what we have in mind). The problem is that the other 4 colors were muddling how we saw the far right greens, Blue Fir (top) and Marsh Creek (bottom), so I took those two hues and carried them to the left. (You can also see a little strip of Marsh Creek at the bottom that’s juuust a bit lighter, which is the same color at 75%; that variation hit the chopping block.):

I am driving myself right up a wall. A or B? A? Or B?! (Scott humors me, but he claims to love both equally. Try as I might, he just simply will not choose A. Or B!)

Yes, there are baseboards to purchase and trim to decide on, but we’re also on this painting kick – and for every room that gets painted, that’s another room that’ll get the trim we’ll eventually decide upon. And this beige-but-sort-of-yellow color? Well, we’re on a painting roll, so let’s keep it going while the momentum is high.

As of 5 minutes ago, I was definitely leaning towards A; it’s less saturated, but feels like a good balance of gray + green + blue. A little more refined, maybe? But then I thought, definitely B! Mhmm, most definitely B. This turned into A!, and let’s face it – I’ve been pacing by this nook with squinted eyes way too much. Help a girl (and guy!) out – which way would you go?

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