The Pandemic: Observe Caution Or Start Planning For Your Own Burial.

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The trend is worrying and the numbers are not encouraging at all. Reality has dawned on many Kenyans that the coronavirus pandemic is not a joke and neither is it a chooser of persons. It knows no profession or faith, knows no age or society.

With all the countless measures taken, the numerous directives, the sensitization campaign, and the donations given in form of Personal Protective Equipment, Kenyans are still behaving in a lax manner, still assuming that the pandemic is just a parody.

There is still a belief that no harm can come upon an individual yet the coronavirus is spreading sporadically due to carelessness and a lack of civic duty.

The country is losing prominent men and women, more people that are known in the public are getting infected bringing the matter closer and closer home.

The virus has already consumed two University of Nairobi lecturers, it has consumed a popular and celebrated artist in the Entertainment and Film Industry Charles Bukeko, well known as Papa Shirandula on our TV screens.

The virus has eaten up the life of Senator Moses Wetangula and Tim Wanyonyi’s brother. All in a glimpse of an eye these individuals were taken by surprise by the virus with some collapsing even before they received medical.

Even for those who are on the frontline in fighting the virus, our health workers have not been spared with the Ministry of Health indicating that already 526 health workers have been infected. Recently, the medical fraternity and Kenyans celebrated the life of Dr. Lugaliki who was the first health worker to succumb to the virus.

The life of a young promising doctor was cut short in less than two days after testing positive for coronavirus.

Citizen Journalists Stephen Letoo and Jeff Koinange have tested positive for COVID-19 and are already in isolation.

In the faith, Pastor Robert Burale has fallen victim and had to be rushed to the hospital for care. A pastor in Mombasa who never got the opportunity to bury his son in the US followed suit and succumbed to the virus.

A look into the daily lives of Kenyans especially after the restrictions were eased has shown that Kenyans are going about their businesses as if all is back to normal.

Simple rules of social distancing and maintenance of hand hygiene are not being observed. As a result, there has been a major spike in infections and deaths that have now grown exponentially at 250 fatalities.

These lives are our lives, your life, and my life only that they have lost their ability to breathe. It may have been you if not them.

The World Health Organization has already given the warning of the rising cases in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our current status as a country in terms of infections and deaths is gradually unfolding to be what the WHO has described as “a continued acceleration of transmission.

Kenyans need to wake up from their drunken stupor and see what has so far happened in South Africa.

The situation has turned into the digging of mass graves in order to be at par with the rate of deaths occurring in the country.

We need to be careful as a country, we need to adhere to the rules, regulations, and directives. This is the only way we shall protect each other, otherwise, it might be a matter of soon burying one another.

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