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Oh, boy. This has been a long time coming, and there’s a good chance you already have a good feel for what the infamous stu-stu-studio looks like. You’ve seen one side when we finished grandma’s chair, and you’ve seen the other when we finished the shelves. Gah, you’ve even seen the third, lesser photographed wall when we completed the paper pipes! The room as a whole, however? Not so much.

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that in the last 6 months, we turned our pint-sized very blue office (which doubles as our, shall we say, cozy guestroom) into a pink, pretty sanctuary. I personally struggled with this so-called overhaul at the start; I thought our office was cute. We both did. It had been tweaked over the years, simple switches that were good enough. It was where Scott went to hang out on bicycle forums, where Jack napped by his dad’s side and the grounds for all our files, books and even bikes.

Simply put, we had that office because isn’t that what a young, married couple with no children does with their second bedroom?

Of course, the blue office was set in place before I began my freelance career. So when I first started working from home, I’d keep my tidy notebook and laptop at the kitchen counter from 9 to 5. When I’d paint, I’d pull out the painting table that was living in the limbo-kitchen-slash-living-room and, well, paint. But as I got busier, my kitchen work space flowed from the counter to the couch and (sometimes) to the hallway console. The office was Scott’s space, remember? Just as it took me quite a while to admit that I was a real, legitimate girl that left her job and started an art career (whoa), it took just as long to stake my claim in the office, er, studio.

And finally, this past January, Operation Studio was born.

So. With that off my chest, it’s time to share the damn thing. (The thing that I love with my whole heart and soul, that is!) But first, remember when it looked like this?

Now, finally, it looks like this – and (lucky for you!) I’ll let the photos do the talking!

For a recap on the projects that went into this room’s redo, just click on the corresponding photo + post, below. (If you’re in a Reader, you may need to view the site to see.)

As The Pet Shop grows and our needs progress, the studio will evolve – and it is evolving, right now actually. As a supplement to our laptop, we’ve since found an external monitor to be a necessity, and we have a desk tray to add to the fauxdenza – because as you know, in this 8’x10′ room, every extra surface counts. More on those additions after they’ve been installed (because we haven’t even started!).

And if there was ever a doubt expressed that I was on the fence about my love for the studio, those feelings are long gone. If I could take another, I’d marry her. To me, she’s perfect.

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