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“Do you realize, if it weren’t for Edison, we’d be watching TV by candlelight?” – Al Boliska

Whether it’s where you host movie nights with friends and family or unwind after long, stressful days, your TV room is a space that holds a lot of love, fun, and emotion. It needs to feel warm and inviting, distinctive, and 100 percent you. Whether you want to design a simple living room or a luxurious den, read on to see which of our TV room ideas is right for you.

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1. TV Room Design Ideas

Your family room design will depend on your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create. If you want a cutting-edge, ultra-sleek spot to entertain, styles like modern or contemporary will make the room feel polished and chic. Incorporate design elements like neutral colors, modern art, and minimalist furniture.

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On the other hand, maybe you want a room that invites all who enter to curl up and settle in. In that case, design styles like rustic or boho might work better. They tend to be warmer and cozier— perfect for a laidback hang session with old friends. Plants, warm colors, and diversity of textures are all elements that can collaborate to create a cozy space. So cozy, in fact, that you’ll have trouble getting guests to leave!

2. Small TV Room Ideas

When working with a small space, storage is your strongest ally, and clutter is your enemy. Look for furniture that can pull double duty. A flat-topped vintage trunk, for example, makes for a unique coffee table and a handy way to store extra blankets.

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Since getting things off the floor will make the room feel much more open, it’s also important to use as much vertical space as you can. A tall bookshelf or two flanking the TV can store DVDs, HDMI cables, and any other odds and ends. They’ll also give you another avenue for letting your personality shine through with some decor. Plants, candles, and photos will all brighten the space and add a little character.

3. Luxury TV Room Ideas

If catching up on shows after a long day is your preferred form of self-care, then you might as well create a luxurious place to do it. Crisp white walls with gold or brass accents are perfect for setting this kind of mood, so keep an eye out for ornately framed pictures or mirrors. Even if you keep the rest of your decor minimalist, an elegant light fixture will cast an opulent glow across the space.

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On the other hand, if you want a moodier vibe, dark colors work just as well for setting the tone. Deep black or navy blue walls create a sultry, introspective vibe, which works perfectly with warm, low lighting. Richly saturated tones like emerald green or plum purple can brighten the space a bit while maintaining that cozy, closed-in feeling. Add in some sprawling plants like a majesty palm or a monstera to finish off the look.

4. Living Room TV Room Ideas

Good conversation is the main thing to keep in mind when planning out your living room design. How easily can people talk to each other, and how comfortable will they feel? If you don’t want to go as far as installing an old-school conversation pit, there are options. You can keep the conversation flowing by organizing furniture so everyone can see each other easily.

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You also want plenty of convenient places for people to set down their drinks. Coffee and side tables, while being functionally useful, often go overlooked as a way to add character to a space. By hunting for eclectic, visually exciting pieces, you can create a layered, well-curated living room that’s totally unique to you.

5. Simple TV Room Ideas

For many, the family room is a place to decompress after hectic days. It’s hard for the mind to rest when overstimulated by visual clutter. Simplicity might be the key to your perfect living room design. Sticking to minimalist decor and uncomplicated color palettes will give you a quiet yet cohesive space to take a load off.

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Neutral, unpatterned walls are a great first step in creating your simple living room design. Look for unobtrusive furniture like floating shelves, which don’t take up much room and allow you to make use of empty wall space. A few chic decorations or sentimental trinkets will warm the room up and give it a personal touch.

If the room still feels a little bare, earthy elements like plants and hardwood floors are an organic, understated way to add life and color to the space.

6. Traditional TV Room Ideas

Charming, refined, and effortlessly timeless, traditional decor is a fantastic choice for a family room. Blend antiques like mirrors or coffee tables with a few contemporary pieces to create a warm, traditionally styled space. This design style is pretty neutral-heavy, so shades like beige, charcoal, and deep brown are your best friends.

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The great thing about traditional design is that, as much as it invokes the charm of ages past, it’s also incredibly versatile. Plus, you can update it in countless ways. For example, play up bare hardwood floors with a few sleek design pieces to bring in a minimalist aesthetic. Other elements like bright colors, patterned wallpaper, rustic accessories, and quirky tile can add an unexpected twist to a beautiful, traditional living room.

7. Family Room TV Room Ideas

Whether you’re settling in for a Super Bowl party or an Marvel marathon, it’s important to have a space where the whole family can come together. It should go without saying, but family photos are great decorations to add a little warmth. By peppering baby pictures, graduation portraits, and vacation photos all over, you turn the space into an immersive scrapbook.

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Furniture placement is super important when you’re planning a room for the whole family. Make sure to arrange the TV and the seating so there’s an unobstructed view of the screen no matter where you’re sitting. If you don’t have enough chairs for extended family over the holidays, extra fluffy throw pillows can double as floor cushions in a pinch.

8. Modern TV Room Ideas

Although the sharp lines and crisp colors of modern design might not seem conducive to a cozy environment, you don’t have to choose between comfort and the sleek, modern living room of your dreams. You can stick to the classics, with a high-contrast mix of black and white throughout the room. You can also soften the spaces with warm shades of gray and natural wood tones.

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Another great way to warm up a modern family room is through art. Paintings, landscape photography, and decorative objects on shelves or tabletops add a little character and keep the space from feeling too stark. This way, you get an inviting place to catch up on your shows without sacrificing that ultra-sleek aesthetic.

9. TV Room Wall Ideas

Whether you want to make a bold statement or keep it subtle, your walls offer an ocean of opportunity. Try framing your TV with a stately wall unit to fake a built-in effect. You could also surround the TV with artwork to create a gallery wall, which will help the TV blend in when it’s turned off. Or, consider putting up some lively wallpaper to brighten the room.

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As for the rest of the space, there are plenty of options for wall design. You could stick to a neutral wall color so the TV wall remains the focal point. You could also go in the opposite direction with colorful walls to energize the room even when nothing’s on TV. Antique mirrors, floating shelves, wainscoting, and woven wall hangings are other options for filling in empty space.

10. TV Room Fireplace Ideas

Of course, a TV room doesn’t have to be all about the TV. It’s a great place to catch up with friends or spend time with your significant other. A crackling fire (or just a well-decorated mantel) can elevate that atmosphere like nothing else.

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Dress up your fireplace the old-fashioned way. Place trinkets and framed photos on the mantel and a sturdy yet stylish bronze grate. Are you looking to jazz things up a little? Create a boho vibe by layering plants, baskets, and floor cushions in front of it. This setup is great for turning a non-functional fireplace from an awkward fixture to a charming focal point.

On the other hand, if your fireplace surround is a sight to see in and of itself, don’t cover it up! Keep decor around it minimal so it can steal the show.

11. Contemporary TV Room Ideas

With its seamless blending of modern styles and old-school charm, contemporary design is the perfect middle ground between polished and inviting. Bring this style into your TV room by juxtaposing sleek, minimalist furniture against softer elements like cozy throw blankets and warm, neutral colors.

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Shades of gray or a mixture of white and tan will set you up for a chic, contemporary space. If you’re looking for a little color, deep jewel tones like sapphire blue or emerald green will add an air of sophistication. They can also give the space a cozy, cocoon-like feel—perfect for curling up for your annual rewatch of Breaking Bad.

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