The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

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This is the story of the house that photographed itself.

A house so unique.

So creatively built and decorated.

So full of one-of-a kind ideas and beautiful  light fixtures and furniture with a story and hand-painted curtains and chalkboard barn doors and ceilings that take your breathe away….

….that I really had almost nothing to do with these pictures.

I simply put the camera on a tri-pod and clicked.

The house did all the rest.

The story behind this tour actually starts way before this house.

It all began last year.

Last holiday season, I was invited to be involved with a charity event supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation where I decorated a Christmas tree in a decorator’s show house in Nashville.

It was there that I met Kara and Lauren, two amazing designers from ReFresh Home.

The home that they designed was incredible.

We laughed and connected and drank coffee and I remember trying to focus on the conversation, but every few minutes I would stop mid-stream because I discovered something new.

Especially those ceilings.

And this year they have another house.

And new ceilings.

Ceilings that are twenty feet in the air and hand-painted.

Ceilings that will take your breath away.

Like the ceiling in this study.

This beautiful, wonderful, incredible study with its rafters that came directly from a Tennessee barn.


They built the ceiling around these barn rafters.

This visit was a lot like last time.

There was a lot of giggling and laughing and oohing and ahhhing and drinking water and eating the yummiest chicken sandwiches.

And me unable to complete sentences.


Like the time I was in the middle of a story and suddenly I saw this barn door.

I couldn’t even.

I simply stopped and stared and asked if I could have a lemon.

Or this living room with sliding glass doors that open onto a porch.

Or this hand-painted wall hanging with feathers.

Or the mantel covered in the same barn wood from the same barn that the rafters came from.

It all left me speechless.

Until I got to this room.

And this ceiling.

All of a sudden…..I stopped being speechless and started talking.

And telling Lauren and Kara how amazing it was and could I follow them on Instagram and where did they find that tin and did it come from the same barn and how did they get to be so incredible and wonderful and amazing and creative and where did all these ideas come from….

….and could I move in.

I had plenty of time for talking.

The house?

Not so much.

It was too busy doing all the photographing. 🙂

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PS  This is only the first part of the tour.

Part one.

I know….right?

There were too many pictures and too much talking to fit into one post.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the rooms in the rest of the house.

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