The ultimate jig for making jigs

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Pat Warner’s zero-compromise approach to routing isn’t for everyone. But it is amazing. He was most recently in FWW in 2000, with this micro-adjustable router fence. But he hasn’t stopped inventing, or pursuing router perfection.

His latest router table has no fences or work surfaces at all! Instead he uses two moving carriages to hold the router and workpiece respectively, letting him rout perfectly square items and precise slots of any size. The carriages are so solid on their sliders that Warner can rout aluminum or even steel with his setup. He uses it mostly for making parts for more jigs! And his jigs require amazing precision. Like I said, his goal is shopmade perfection, and he never rests.

To rout wood without tearout, he reverses the work carrier, and places a sacrificial stick behind the workpiece. A dial indicator tracks the position of the router carriage. And everything (except the bolts) is shop made, from hardwood, aluminum and acrylic plastic

Have fun looking at the photos and figuring out all of the stops, tracks, clamps and other thoughtful touches from the incredible mind of Pat Warner. If you want info about Pat’s other jigs and the classes he teaches, check out his site. Feel free to contact him at [email protected]

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