These 8 Highly-Rated Workout Leggings On Amazon Will Up Your Workout Game

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From crushing your leg day workout (probably at home, nowadays) to sporting an athleisure look when you’re out and about, the perfect pair of workout leggings can keep you comfy and (dare we say?) inspire confidence. When it comes to fit, feel, and style, compression leggings are our leg wear of choice, especially when it comes to a hardcore sweat sesh. That’s because  these stretchy miracle workers make the recovery process so much easier by improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, cutting down on soreness, and helping you feel way less tired post-workout.

They also have the potential to be super comfy and super fashionable so they can be worn as loungewear and grocery store attire, too. Better yet, there’s no shortage of options; you can find compression leggings for women or men, in standard or plus sizes, and in an array of different styles, materials, and colors. So whether you’re headed to the gym for a high-impact workout or your yoga mat for a meditative stretch, some fresh new leggings will up your workout (or errand) game. So, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest, highest rated, and most affordable leggings you can buy on Amazon because you deserve a clothing refresh without breaking the bank.

Best Non-See-Through Leggings

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants

These stretchy yoga pants give you the ultimate combination of high-waist tummy control and comfort. Bonus points: They’re designed with quality fabric that’s impossible to see through, so that means there’s zero chance you’ll accidentally give the person on the machine behind you a peep show.

“I have been wearing Lululemon’s pants for years during my yoga classes and regular workouts, but these pants still stand out with flattering fitting and reasonable price,” says one happy reviewer. “The fabrics are thick but breathable, not see-through nor clingy. I even wear them as daily leggings with my UGG boots and long sweater!”


Best Versatile Leggings

ODODOS High Waist Compression Yoga Pants

There’s a four-way stretch in these yoga pants that make moving around super easy, whether you’re working really hard on that downward-facing dog or hardly working while watching Netflix in bed. The best part? There’s a pocket for your phone which means you’ll never drop it (again).

Buyers of all sizes love these leggings. “I’ve been buying leggings for years and these are one of the best that I’ve come across,” one customer says. “They’re not too loose and not too tight. The material is soft and hugs my body comfortably. The fit is great and they’re not sheer at all.”


Best Staple Black Leggings

Yelete Legwear High Waist Compression Leggings

Compression leggings that have tummy control and don’t make you want to rip them off in a fit of pain/anger? Check. There’s a sturdy waistband in this pair of leggings that keeps everything in place, along with very breathable fabric that will make your legs so, so happy.

“The best thing about these is the fabric!” gushes one buyer. “Yes, they’re warmer than regular leggings, but won’t make you hot. And because the fabric is fairly thick, they hold everything in and make it look like you’re wearing expensive legging/pant kind of things. It’s actually pretty nifty, because I hate looking like I’m wearing leggings.”


Best Leggings With A Pocket

90 Degree By Reflex Womens Power Flex Compression Leggings

Choose from an entire selection of bright, pretty colors with this yoga pants line. Each features a pocket to keep your smartphone safe and light compression for your midsection. So many wins all around.

“Yes, I have worn these tights to yoga – but more importantly, I’ve worn them EVERYWHERE,” says one reviewer. “They’re a perfect legging fabric – opaque, thick but not bulky, great quality, warm without being too hot.”


Best Budget Leggings

Olacia Womens High Waisted Yoga Capri Compression Leggings

There’s a ton to love about these capri compression leggings. They’re high-waisted, moisture-wicking, and you can’t see through them. So basically, go ahead and get as sweaty and gross as you damn well please.

“Plus size ladies: Here’s the review you’re looking for,” says one buyer. “The material is comfortable and NOT see through. I did all the bending and stretching to make sure. I took these on two hiking/camping trips since purchased and they are awesome! No roll or sag and super breathable material.”


Best Anti-Chafing Leggings

Reebok Performance Compression Leggings

Let’s all do a little happy dance for a pair of leggings that were designed to reduce chafing. Also, they’re really, really cute you could see yourself rocking these in the grocery store, right?

“I am not typically a legging person but I needed some workout pants for the cold weather,” one customer says. “They also aren’t see through which is my biggest concern with leggings, especially when squatting in a gym.”


Best Odor-Reducing Leggings

CompressionZ High-Waisted Compression Leggings

There’s way more to these cute floral leggings than meets the eye. They also promise to improve blood circulation, feature a four-way stretchy fabric, and whisk away sweat and odor (because, ugh, the gym odor part is forever inevitable).

“These are AMAZING,” assures one reviewer. “They look like they are children’s sized but MAN DO THEY STRETCH. They are soft, extremely comfortable, they hold you in and don’t stretch out.”


Best Leggings For Working Up A Sweat

TrainingGirl High Waist Capri Leggings 

These sleek black and purple leggings offer a stretchy waistband and neoprene fabric, which makes you sweat extra hard and kicks off a whole lot of calorie burning. You may not want to lounge in these, but when if you want to make your go workout farther, they’re the perfect accessory.

“These sauna pants are amazing,” one customer reports. “They definitely make you sweat but they are made of thinner fabric/neoprene than other pants I’ve owned, so they look and feel a bit more like regular leggings.”


Convinced it’s time for some new compression leggings? You’ll love our other mom-approved wellness and fashion picks, too!


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TrainingGirl High Waist Capri Leggings 

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