Tips to Record Voice Call on Micromax phones

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As we all know that now-a-days Android phone comes with lots of loaded features to make your android user experience better. And one such best app emerged out in the market is the call recorder app. This app is used to record all the incoming and outgoing calls from your android device. This app is required or important to have in order to save some proofs or while making a prank call to their friends and later use it for fun purpose. Micromax comes with an inbuilt functions through which user can record any phone call they want. This is very simple. All you have to do is give a simple tap while you are on a call and your call will be recording stage.

Call Recorder App

In case, if your phone is not provided with this option then you can download the call recorder application. This application has the ability to enable or disable call recording. You can even play or stop the recorded audio of incoming and outgoing call by single touch on the item or even delete recorded items. It comes with an auto clean feature which will delete the automatic recording as soon as you enter the wrong password. But these recorded calls can also be prevented from auto cleaning. You can do this by saving your call record after each call whenever you are asked. It even shows notification on the notification bar for each call with an option to save the call record. In this manner you can save your recorded calls. And the most interesting is that you can save your conversation to SD card. This will prevent your Smartphone from hanging as any new files are not created in your Smartphone.

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This is a handy app for your smart phone as you can even save your recorded calls on Dropbox and even add pass code to prevent the misuse of your recorded call. It works peacefully in background and output file format would be as per the user’s choice.


  1. It automatically records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Auto-cleaning feature that automatically deletes all the recorded calls after 10 failed password attempts.
  3. You can save your conversation on the drop box or directly to the SD card.
  4. The output format of your file would be of your choice.
  5. It even prevents your device from hanging by saving your recording to SD card or on drop box.
  6. It is a simple application to employee with. Even the average user can access it and gain the benefits.
  7. You can present this app as a proof if required.

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