Top 10+ Best Baseball Gloves 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides

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If you are starting to get serious about baseball, you should start with a good baseball glove. There are many gloves on the market, so you may have a hard time choosing. Do not worry! Through this article, Scott Fujita will bring you the top 10 best baseball gloves in 2021. 


Detailed Reviews of The Best Baseball Gloves 2021

1. Wilson A2000 11.5-Inch Baseball Glove –  Best Infield Baseball Gloves in 2021

Highlight features

The Wilson A2000 is the oldest series of baseball gloves. The products of this series are highly durable. The A2000 11.5-Inch is no exception. Many professional players prefer this glove because of its incredible durability.

These baseball gloves are made from stock leather. Therefore, it is not surprising that the A2000 can last for a very long time. That’s one of the factors that make the A2000 11.5 worth the money

It comes with a dual welding element for stability and flat finger binding. Therefore, the A2000 also provides users with maximum comfort when using it.

This design helps it hug the ball. The 11.5-Inch A2000 comes with a Dri-Lex wrist lining which wicks sweat from the skin of your hand to keep your hands cool.

Currently, the A2000 is available in three colors including blonde, dark brown, and white.

Wilson A2000 11.5-Inch SuperSkin Baseball Glove, Blonde/Dark Brown/White, Left (Right Hand Throw)


 in stock

1 used from $299.00

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • High durable
  • Unique design
  • Maximum comfort
  • Good hand sweat absorption
  • Pro stock leather


  • It may be too soft

Bottom line

There is no denying that the Wilson A2000 is one of the best infield baseball gloves in 2021.

In general, the Wilson A2000 11.5-Inch is worth the money. This is the type of glove that many professional players prefer. The A2000 is also a baseball glove that should not be missing in any list of the best baseball gloves. 

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2. Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series – Best Glove for Midfielder

Highlight features

Once again, Wilson proves that they are a great brand when it comes to baseball gloves.

Baseball gloves are more than just sports equipment. They are something that makes players look cooler. Few models respond to this better than the Wilson A2K.

The central midfielder had a hard time fielding the ball. That’s why they need high-quality gloves like this. 

This glove features Pro Stock Select Leather. The leather material of A2K is twice that of regular leather. That means it has unparalleled durability and strength. It can also dramatically increase break-in.

This glove comes with double palm construction. Therefore, this wonderful glove is very helpful in reducing the wrinkles of your palm. It will help reduce the impact of the ball when the ball hits your hand.

This unique baseball glove also comes with dual-roll welding. That means it can hold its pocket shape for longer periods.

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75″ Infield Baseball Glove – Right Hand Throw

 out of stock

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • High-quality materials
  • Amazing durability
  • Rolled dual welting feature
  • Various colors


  • Not cheap

Bottom line

It is true to say that this is a great baseball glove. The proof is that a lot of professionals use it. It is suitable for both beginners and professional players. 

You can’t seem to find a better glove in its price range. It is currently available in many colors for you to choose from. Please consider carefully to make the best choice.

3. Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series – Best Outfield Glove

Highlight features

This glove is one of Rawlings’ best baseball gloves. Rawlings is a leading manufacturer of baseball gloves. It is the top choice for professional baseball players.

It is a glove that offers maximum user comfort. It comes with a padded palm and padded thumb. As a result, this great glove can protect your hands wonderfully. 

This product comes with a pro H webbing design. That means the user will feel more comfortable. It also protects the user’s wrist much better. This glove also increases break-in significantly.

This glamorous glove comes with zero shock palm padding. As a result, it helps prevent strong impacts when you catch the ball. It is a great choice for both adults and young people.

It gives you a feeling of being ready for the game right away. This perfect glove is also a great choice for young adults.

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Slow Pitch Pattern, Pro H-Web, 12-1/2 Inch


 in stock

3 new from $54.99
2 used from $41.62

Free shipping

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • Pro H webbing design
  • Easy and quick break-in 
  • High durable
  • Good price


  • Not as long-lasting as the A2000 or the heart of the hide 

Bottom line

In general, this glove is one of the best gloves in its price range. It has amazing durability. In addition, it provides maximum user comfort. If you are looking for a great glove at an affordable price, this is a great choice for you. 

4. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series – Best Glove for Youth

Highlight features

This great baseball glove is an affordable glove option. It is one of the best baseball gloves right now. Therefore, it will not let you down in terms of quality.

It’s also customizable, so you can choose between four sizes, as well as nine stunning colors. This baseball glove is light and durable. Its material is high-quality leather, so you can feel extremely soft. 

This great baseball glove comes with a soft leather shell. Therefore, you do not need to spend too much time on the break-in process. Additionally, it integrates cushioned finger-back lining for maximum player comfort. This baseball glove is a perfect choice for young players.

Currently, it is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove, Kris Bryant Model, Pro H Web, 11-1/2 Inch


 in stock

6 new from $53.95

Free shipping

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • Easy break-in
  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Shorten break-in period


  • Durability could be better

Bottom line

This glove is great value for money. It is light and durable. You can speed up the break-in process. If you are a beginner at baseball, it is the perfect choice for you. You can’t seem to find a better product in its price range.

5. Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series – Best Glove for Outfielder

Highlight features

If you are looking for a truly unique baseball glove for your performance, consider this unique glove. You will not regret choosing this Rawlings product.

It is a favorite choice of outfielders. These great gloves give them an edge in getting to every fly ball. It is also very suitable for young players from 8 to about 15 years old. Besides, this glove provides more hand protection for young players.

Its material is premium leather. Therefore, you will have a great feeling when using this glove.

You can adjust the opening of the glove. As a result, you can customize the fit of your gloves easily. It also comes with an H (open) webbing design. As a result, this glove can provide maximum comfort to your hands.

It comes with a 65% factory break-in. That means you can speed up the break-in process. It meets the highest standards so that professional players can use it.

Rawlings Encore Youth Baseball Glove, Black, White, Gold, 12.5 inch


 in stock

8 new from $146.20

Free shipping

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • Best for outfielders
  • Reducing the break-in time
  • Amazing durability 
  • Eye-catching design


  • Not cheap

Bottom line

When it comes to the best baseball gloves 2021, we cannot ignore this glove. It gives you the feeling of being ready for the match right away. Overall, it is a great choice for young adults.

Do you want to leave a mark on the game? All you need to do is equip yourself with this amazing glove.

6. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series – Best Baseball Glove for Budget

Highlight features

It is true to say that this glove is one of Mizuno’s most durable gloves. 

You will find that many youth baseball gloves are made of synthetic leather. If you are looking for a genuine leather option at an affordable price, you should consider this great glove. This glove is really hard to beat by other models in the same price range.

Its material is full-grain pigskin leather. That means its durability is very amazing. If you store it properly, it can last for a long time. This glove is very durable as it comes with PU palm lining.  Mzo lining keeps your hands dry by dispersing sweat away from your hands.

The gloves also come with a moisture-proof lining inside. It is suitable for any position. Therefore, it is not surprising that many professional players prefer this baseball glove.

Mizuno GPP1100Y3 Prospect Series PowerClose Baseball Gloves, 11″, Left Hand

 out of stock

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • Full-grain pigskin leather
  • High durable
  • Affordable price
  • Come with a butter-soft palm liner
  • Unique design


  • It may be too soft

Bottom line

Mizuno’s products always make everyone satisfied. This glove is no exception. This great glove is very affordable. You can easily own this wonderful glove. You should add them to your collection. If you are looking for a high-quality glove for a reasonable price, it is your good choice. It probably will not disappoint you.

7. Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves – Best Glove for Baseman

Highlight features

This list would be incomplete without mentioning this glove. Rawlings is truly a trusted brand when it comes to baseball gloves. Proof that they have a lot of products on my list.

The manufacturer crafted this amazing glove from full-grain, oiled leather. Therefore, it comes with high durability and a classic look. Its quality is better than its price.

This great glove comes with a padded finger back lining. Therefore, it provides maximum comfort for your hand. You can use it for hours without feeling tired. If you are looking for a glove for long matches, it is a great choice for you.

This glove comes with 90% broken-in from the factory. Therefore, you will not spend much time on the broken-in process. You can quickly join your favorite baseball games.

Rawlings Sandlot Series Leather Modified Trap-Eze Web Baseball Glove, 11-3/4″, Right Hand Throw


 in stock

6 new from $64.95
6 used from $56.87

Free shipping

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  •  Full-grain, oiled leather 
  • High durable
  • Eye-catching design
  • Affordable price


  • Not ideal for catching

Bottom line

It is undeniably the best product in its price range. It includes all the characteristics of a high-quality glove. Additionally, this glove comes with a wide range of web styles and glove lengths. Therefore, it is a great bargain.

8. Under Armour Men’s Clean Up 19 Baseball Gloves – Best Baseball Glove for Pitchers

Highlight features

It seems that this glove has a design that is not like a baseball glove at all. However, it is a great baseball glove for professional players. Its material is still premium leather. What makes it stand out is that it comes with a 100% Polyester shell.

This glove comes with HeatGear fabric. As a result, it can help keep your hands dry and cool. You can play baseball for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

In addition, it also gives you a soft feel and an excellent grip. Its durability is very high. As long as you take good care of it, it can last for years.

It integrates with the holes on the finger. That’s the reason why it can help keep your hands ventilated. This glove is a great choice for long matches.

This glove has a certain amount of stretch, especially the wrist part. Therefore, it can fit your hand perfectly.

Do you want to stand out in a match? All you need to do is equip yourself with this amazing glove.

Under Armour Men’s Clean Up 19 Baseball Gloves , Black (005)/Graphite , Medium


 in stock

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • High durable
  • Very cheap price
  • Various colors
  • Great quality
  • Provides maximum comfort for your hand


  • Not suitable for all positions
  • Not as long-lasting as a Heart of the Hide

Bottom line

Are you looking for a glove that is perfect in both design and quality? The glove is for you. It can help you leave your mark on your favorite game. It is currently available in 14 colors for you to choose from. Choose your favorite model for the upcoming match.

9. Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove, Pro I Web, 11.75 inch – One of Best Baseball Gloves for the Money

Highlight features

When it comes to the best baseball gloves in 2021, we decided to put this glove on our favorite list. This is also the fourth Rawlings product to appear on our list.

Have you just decided to get serious about baseball but don’t know where to start? Let’s start with equipping a good glove like the Rawlings Pro Preferred.

Its material is full-grain kip leather. Therefore, it will give you a wonderful feeling that you cannot find in other models

It comes with 100% wool padding, so it can keep the shape of the glove for a long time. With Pittard’s sheepskin palm lining, your hands are always dry. Therefore, you can use it for long matches.

This glove comes with a 30% factory break-in. That means it will take you quite a while for the break-in process. However, that’s not too much of a problem. You can absolutely apply some common tips to speed up the break-in process. We will cover them in the next part of the article.

Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove, Pro I Web, 11.75 inch, Right Hand Throw, Red, Gold (PROS315-2CMO 11 3/4 I/CV)


 in stock

2 new from $359.95
1 used from $300.91

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • Eye-catching design
  • Suitable for any position
  •  Full-grain kip leather


  • Expensive

Bottom line

This feature is great. Its only problem is the price. It is quite expensive compared to other models. Therefore, it is not the right choice for everyone. However, it is worth it for its price.

If you are a beginner with a mid-range budget, it is not for you.

10. Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series – Best Baseball Glove for All Positions

Highlight features

We will end this list with a great product from Mizuno.

Mizuno has been supplying gloves for more than 60 years. Therefore, their products never disappoint professional players. Their Classic Pro Soft series is one of the best gloves. It is the top choice of both beginners and amateur players. You can easily see them at professional baseball games

Mizuno made these gloves with what they call their throwback leather. Hence, it has very high durability. You also do not take too much time for the process of breaks in.

It comes with an ultra-soft pro palm liner to give a great feel to the player. No matter what position you play, you will complete your mission well.

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft 11.75″ Baseball Glove – GCP55S2, Peanut, 11 3/4 (1175)

 out of stock

as of August 30, 2021 6:43 pm


  • Amazing durability
  • Elegant design
  • Suitable for many positions
  • Ultra-soft pro palm liner


  • Not as long-lasting as an A2000 or a Heart of the Hide.

Bottom line

Currently, there are many gloves on the market. However, there are very few models that can beat this glove. This best baseball has everything you can find in an expensive glove. However, it is very affordable. Therefore, it is a bargain for anyone. What are you waiting for? Let’s add this amazing glove to your collection.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best baseball glove

In this section, we’ll go over some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a glove.

1. Size

Choosing the right size baseball gloves is not always a good idea. The choice will mainly depend on your location.

For infielders, smaller gloves with shallow pockets are the most suitable option. We will talk more about positions in the next section.

2. Webbing: Closed and Open

The webbing works to connect the rest of the finger slots to the thumb of the glove. You can fold and extend this part easily for the convenience of catching the ball.

  • Closed webs

This type comes with a tight woven leather pattern and no gaps. Players often use this type to better hide their ball before throwing it.

  • Open webs

They come with similar leather patterns to create gaps in the glove. Thanks to that, you can track the balloons. Open webs also allow dirt to easily pass through the gloves.

Webbing: Closed and Open

3. Backing

The backing is the part of the glove that rests on the back of the player’s hand. It comes with an open or closed design. Both open and closed-backed gloves do not affect your play.

An open-back glove allows the player’s wrist to move more flexibly. It is the right choice for infielders. Besides, it helps more ventilation for sweaty hands. It is a great choice on summer days.

A closed-back glove helps increase the stability of the player’s wrist. They are the favorite choice of first baseman and outfielders.

The backing is the part of the glove that rests on the back of the player’s hand

4. Material

The factor that makes the main difference in the quality of a glove is the material, specifically the type of leather. They determine the durability, softness, style, and service life of the gloves.

You need to know a rule that the harder the leather, the higher the quality of the leather. However, that means it will take you a long time to break in.

  • Synthetic leather glove: Affordable price, suitable for beginners.
  • Top-grain leather: Good quality. More supple and thinner than full-grain leather.
  • Full-grain leather: Highest quality. Comes with great durability.

The factor that makes the main difference in the quality of a glove is the material

5. Price

You don’t have to buy an expensive glove to get the best performance. You can find some pretty cheap gloves that are of very good quality. What you need to care about is the quality of the leather.

The Best Gloves for Each Position

Baseball includes the following 5 basic positions:

  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • First baseman
  • Infielder
  • Outfielder

You can use any glove to play any position. However, that will be to your detriment in most cases. You wouldn’t want to catch a fly ball with a pitcher’s glove unless you’re giving yourself a hard time. Ideally, you should consider gloves based on your position.

1. Pitcher’s glove

Most professional pitchers prefer gloves that measure between 11 and 11.75 inches. They also prefer closed web designs to hide their grips grip

2. Catcher’s mitt 

Youth catchers will choose robust gloves that are capable of blocking pitches up to 60 mph. They come with heavy padding, a shallow pocket, and no fingers. The ideal size of a Catcher’s mitt is 32 inches.

3. First baseman gloves 

Most first basemen choose gloves that are 13 inches in length. As a result, they can extend their reach and restrain difficult pitches.

4.  Infielders  gloves

Gloves in sizes from 10.5 to 11.75 inches are ideal for infielders. They also often choose the open-backs design to create great flexibility and amazing reflexes.

5. Outfielder’s  gloves

The ideal glove for outfielders is about 12 to 12.75 inches. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I break in a baseball glove?

You will find some soft baseball gloves. With them, you can be ready for the match in no time. If you choose a glove with high-quality leather materials, you may need a little breaking in it.

There are a million ways to break a glove. The simplest way is to use it to play a few matches. You can also use some tricks, such as dipping it in hot water or putting it in the oven.

Alternatively, you can also put a ball inside your glove. Then wrap it up. This will help your glove into the perfect shape of the ball.

2. How to clean baseball gloves?

Cleaning baseball gloves properly is not a simple process. If your glove is just dusty, it’s best to wipe it off with a dry cloth. You must not clean baseball gloves with soap and water. Baseball gloves can become calloused if they come in contact with soap and water.

After you have finished cleaning the glove, you can apply the leather conditioner to it. This makes it softer.

3. How should baseball gloves fit?

The glove should fit your hand snugly but it must make you feel comfortable. If a glove slips off your hand easily or it makes your hand uncomfortable, that’s how you know it doesn’t fit.”

4. Which gloves are suitable for professionals?

Professional baseball players tend to use high-quality gloves from well-known brands. Rawlings is currently the most popular brand, followed by Wilson.

They also love products from Louisville Slugger, Marucci, and Nike.

5. What size gloves should 8-year-olds wear?

This depends on the position and size of the child. In most cases, an 8-year-old will fit gloves that are 11 to 11.75-inch inches in size. If you’re looking for a good quality glove for under $100, the 11.25 or 11.5-inch Rawlings Gamer is the right choice.

6. How many colors are available in Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series Custom Glove?

Its material is Heart of the Hide leather. Therefore, it has amazing durability. Currently, Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series Custom Glove is available in 18 colors. Therefore, you can easily choose your favorite color.

7. Where can I buy baseball gloves?

As long as you choose the most suitable glove, you can easily buy it. You can buy your favorite gloves at sporting goods stores. You have another option is to buy at the website of famous brands.

8. Should I choose Mizuno pro series gloves?

Absolutely yes! It is one of the best options available today. Whatever position you play, it will please you.

9. What brand gloves do most MLB players use?

MLB players love products from Rawlings (according to The Wilson glove is also a popular brand among professional players.

10. Are expensive baseball gloves worth it?

When you buy gloves, you have to ensure that it is appropriate for your level and needs. If your budget allows, invest in an expensive glove. They are of high quality. Also, their durability is amazing.

11. Should I choose gloves for specific positions?

This is necessary. Usually, an outfielder can use pitcher gloves and vice versa. However, you cannot use the first baseman glove for another position. It is best to choose gloves based on your position.


Hopefully, you will choose the most suitable one for you after reading this article. If you are serious about baseball, choose a glove that suits you best. It is the easiest way to make your mark in a match.

With the best baseball glove, you will also have a lot of fun. That’s also what we hope you get. Please consider carefully before making the final decision.

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