Top 10 Best Drummers of Rock ‘n Roll

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Rock ‘n Roll’s Favorite Slammers

Say what you want but drummers are the backbone of every band. It’s easy for one song to fall apart once the man behind the kit misses a beat. Apart from having the best seat in the house, they have the most vital task in the group. You see, they can have the greatest guitarist, bassist or frontman but if the drummer doesn’t have that groove or “feel,” then it’s game over for everyone.

It’s about the timing, drive and vibe. But more importantly, they propel everything forward. The drum beats provide a sense of excitement no other instrument can. You know what people say, “A band’s only as good as its drummer.” And that’s pretty accurate considering it’s hard to cover up any mistakes made – both the audience and the other members can sense it and well, everything can go down the drain.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look at this list. What would Led Zeppelin be without Bonzo? Or Rush sans Neil Peart? Or The Who minus Keith Moon? It just won’t be the same.

10. Phil Collins

We love his work with Genesis. And his powerhouse style always leaves us breathless. Also, he’s the kind of musician you have to see live. It’s hands-down incredible, watching him is almost like a religious experience. He’s not as flashy as others but he holds his own.

Oh and he’s versatile too – he can play practically anything. More than a sticksman, he’s also a singer and all-around rock god.

“I didn’t think about the drum fill, I just did it that particular take and that’s the one we used. We didn’t sit there thinking, ‘Oh boy, their mouths are going to be dropping when they hear this!’ It was nothing like that.” – Phil Collins on the drum sound of “In The Air Tonight”

From being parodied by a gorilla for a Cadbury commercial to Mike Tyson air-drumming to his solos, his playing is smooth but he has so much feel it translates to his audience. Not everyone appreciates his greatness but let’s put it this way, if drumming is like boxing, then he’s a heavyweight.

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