Top 10 Early Fall Trends You Must Know About

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10. Draw String Tops

These have become very chic, because they shape the top of your body very sweetly. Usually comes with adjustable strings to pull so you can wear it as you like.

9. Silk Dress with Sneakers

Wearing a silk dress with sneakers is a trend that lets you dress down a fancy look. You get to wear a silk dress on the streets, while walking comfortably in sneakers. I really like how Zendaya is pulling off this trendy look with a neutral tone.

8. Two Piece Lounge Wear Sets

Two piece lounge sets are the most comfy trend going around. Wearing a matching set at home feels so good but the best part is it can be dressed up and worn out of the house. Just some sweats who doesn’t want that.

7. Bandanas and Head Scarfs

Bandanas have become so in theses days, because it’s another accessory to match your looks. Since they come in many prints, you can match them with your personal style. I like the brown Fendi scarf above but I’d wrap it around my head like the blue scarf.

6. Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans, distressed or not are being worn by every instagram influencer these days. They are usually a little fitted from the waist then baggy and long from the bottom. Like Kylie Jenner and many tiktokers are pulling off. You will enjoy wearing them as a street style trend.

5. Small Shoulder Purse

These days everyone is carrying a small shoulder purse, they look very modern. If you think about it they’re very convenient, to carry your phone, AirPods, and lipsticks. I’ve always been someone who liked backpacks, but these purses feel like a small accessory to complete a look, which I’m so into.

4. Square Toe Heels

Square toe shoes are by far the best shape for heels because if you have a slim or wide foot they look amazing on all kind. They give out an elegant and polished look and an amazing option for a night out or professional meet up.

3. Baggy Dress Pants

Wide leg or baggy dress pants have become a smart way to style business attire. They look very modish, so if you’re bored of the old plain work outfits then wear this and show off your style.

2. Puff/Organza Sleeve Tops

Puff Sleeve tops are going viral everywhere you look, they have become the most cutest tops to own in your wardrobe. If you wear an organza top it becomes the statement piece in your outfit, so then you can make your outfit around it. You can wear them for a party or dress them down with some jeans and you’re ready to walk out looking on point.

1. Knit Cardigans

Crop knit cardigans with long trousers or jeans is like the biggest trend this year. Usually close button or two or make a knot and walk out in a girly but trendy way. They are knitted, warm and great for you to wear in fall.

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