{Top 10} Favorite Girly Girl Read-Alouds

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I’m linking up once again with the always awesome iHomeschool Network Mom’s for the Ten Weeks of Top Ten Lists {10 in 10}!  This week we are sharing our Top 10 Favorite Read-Alouds!
Nancy Clancy – Super Sleuth: We have been long time fans of Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy books (as you will see) and this is her newest installment – now for older girly girls!  Fancy Nancy is the Fanciest Super Sleuth EVER!  
Fancy Nancy’s Splendiforous Christmas:  I know this is a Christmas book but when you’re a kid you are ALWAYS ready for Christmas!  My daughter has used the word “splendiforous” on a daily basis since the first time we read this book – more than 3 years ago.
Tinkerbell:  Well really this is kind of a gimme.  I don’t know too many little girls that don’t LOVE Tinkerbell these days.  But I really do love the artwork in this book – just like the movie!  Walt Disney really nailed it with Tinkerbell – she wasn’t this popular when I was a kid!
Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraodinaire!: This might be one of MY favorites of the Fancy Nancy series.  It’s basically a super girly Nature Study book!  I absolutely love how Nancy Fancy’s up every thing including science!
Fancy Nancy Ooh La La! It’s Beauty Day!:  Every little girls dream – a book all about having a Spa Day!  They have recipes for parfaits, face masks, even a Soothing Sea Salt Foot Soak!  What a blast!
Angelina Ballerina: I’m pretty sure my daughter may actually BE Angelina Ballerina!  She is always dancing around the house (and grocery store) – I always give my self extra time to get us out the door.  She is always moving and shaking it!  So of course we LOVE these books – it’s our life!
Fancy Nancy Tea Parties:  This book is full of recipes, decorating tips and different party styles for our little girls!  We love reading this book at night so Roo can dream about her next tea party!  She will tell you she is a “Hostess Extraordinaire”!
Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, LATE Night:  This book has become a great book for Roo to read to all of us at night before bed.  Super cute book even though I have found a flash light in Roo’s bed many times since we started reading it!
Ballerinas Are Beautiful:  I am totally in love with this series “The Little Friends” by Kath Smith!  My Aunt gave this series to Roo as a gift a few years back and we were hooked immediately!  Ballerinas ARE beautiful!
Princesses Are Pretty:  Another favorite from “The Little Friends” collection!  With three stories in one book it’s a great choice for those nights that you have little time to read to your little chix but don’t want to skip it!
So this is just a peek at our Seriously Girly Girl Read-Alouds!  
Feel free to feel sorry for my hubby who was raised in a house of only boys with He-Man and Star Wars!
I’m linking up again over at www.ManyLittleBlessings.com for Angie’s Top Ten Tuesday along with so many other awesome Homeschooling Mama Bloggers from www.iHomeschoolNetwork.com!
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