Top 10 Hot Anime Guys That You Will Fall In Love With (August 2021)

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Anime is one of the most popular entertainment for many and while it has given us a lot the characters that anime had brought forth has been far more incredible. If you are an anime fan you must be aware of how charming these characters can be. Today we have decided to bring you a list of the top 10 hottest and sexiest anime guys that you will fall in love with. Our hot anime guys list will have you admire their sexy body and charms.

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Top 10 Hot Anime Guys In 2021

1. Sebastian (Black Butler)

First up on our list is Sebastian a tall, charming, and handsome man, or should we say a demon? He is one of the sexiest butlers that you will come across. Sebastian is a demon who has a contract with Ciel Phantomhive and works as a butler for him. He is the world’s most perfect and hottest butler with his black hair, red eyes, and pale skin. With an extractive body covered in black trousers, a double-breasted waistcoat, and a grey vest added with his white gloves, pocket watch, and chained silver lapel makes him the most desirable anime characters.

2. Natsu (Fairy Tail)

One of the most liked and hot anime guys whose character power compliments his looks. Here is the most talented and goofy fire mage of the Fairytale Guild. He has spiky hair which shin with his fire attribute and beautifully tanned skin. And just like his name Natsu Daragneel he looks quite similar to one with his canine shaped teets and eyes that are deep black. He has a wonderfully toned body and his outfit that reveals his perfect abs are a sight to behold.

3. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

A sweet boy who gets transformed trying to adjust to his new life as he starts turning into a Ghoul. Ken  Kaneki gets changed when Rize Kamishiro’s kakuhou was transplanted into him, turning him into a one-eyed ghoul. His character seemed quite weak in the beginning but as he started adjusting his looks and character had a whole different aura. Later with torture that he went through his hair changed into white. As the series progresses Ken starts to get more muscular and powerful sets his character look on fire.

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4. Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Kirigaya Kazuto aka Narusaka Kazuto makes it in our list of hot anime guys with his calm and collected demeanor. He is smart and has great skills and loves his friends dearly. His character is quite attractive with a good height, neat black hair, dark eyes, and his outfits which consist of black pants, a black belt with a large silver buckle, a black V-neck shirt, and a trench coat. Just the description of his appearance sounds cool right. This is why he is quite liked by anime fans for his simple yet attractive features.

5. Ayato (Diabolik Lovers)

Up next on our list is the third son of the Vampire King Ayato Sakamaki. He happens to be one of the triplets of the Sakamaki household. Ayato has amazing features from tip to toe that complements his nature in the anime. He is slender with red, unruly hair that spikes at the end. He has narrow, radiating green eyes and is quite pale. He has a black stud on his right ear that speaks to his darker side. His unruly yet handsome looks make him the most attractive and hottest anime guys.

6. Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)

Katuski Bakugou may seem like the bad guy in the anime but quite the tsundere. He has high competitive and aggressive nature which totally suits his quirk. If we had to describe him he is more of a school bully who has some sense of goodness left in him. With the desire to be the top hero he looks quite amazing in his hero outfit. It is a black sleeveless V-neck shirt with an orange X. From bulling the protagonist of the anime to helping him out you will find the changes in Bakugou quite entertaining.

7. Sasuke (Naruto)

Although the series is long completed we just can’t forget mentioning one of the most liked characters of Naruto. Sasuke Uchiha the last surviving member of his clan makes it in our list of hot anime guys coz of his cold and tsundere nature. Sasuke had quite a lot of admirers in the anime as well as the real-life anime community. He has dark features, black hair, and dark eyes with a bit of blue tint in his hair. His bangs hangover into his eyes, even when his hair is pulled back.

8. Gray (Fairy Tail)

Gray Fullbuster is a combination of both cold and hot combined in one anime character. Often seen naked in the anime due to his habit of undressing he is quite the eye candy for many girls. You will often see him shirtless and sometimes with nothing at all which will end up giving you a nosebleed. He has an amazingly toned body that complements his spiky dark black hair and deep dark blue eyes.

9. Yuri Katsuki (Yuri on Ice)

Next on our list is Yuri Katsuki who is a figure Skater.  Yuri is the main protagonist of a Gay Anime genre Yuri On Ice. He has short, messy black hair and wears half-rimmed blue glasses. His pushed back hair and sleek muscular body is a sight to behold when he is skating. And if you are into BL anime you will see more of his charms with his love chemistry with Victor.

10. Toga Yagari (Vampire Knight)

A character with an eye patch and also a Vampire hunter you can simply imagine the hotness of Toga Yagari. He is the top-rated vampire hunter and is an excellent teacher as well. H wears an eye patch over his eyes since he lost his sight while saving Zero and Ichiru from his fiancé after she transformed into a vampire. He has long, jet-black wavy hair and blue eyes. He is tall and is quite muscular as well. The scars and his character totally makes him the most handsome anime guy.

And that’s all for our list of top 10 hot anime guys. While here you may also like our article on the Top 7 Best Harem Anime Series.

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