Top 10 Ideas For Rakhi Gifts For Sister

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She is your soul mate and your worst enemy. She is your savior and your conspirer. No matter what she is for you but admit it you love her the most. Your sister is the most precious gift to you from God and therefore it becomes your duty to cherish her presence that preciously.

Talking about the Rakhi festival, it is the most beautiful occasion in every Indian sibling’s life. It is a precious celebration of the bond of love and affection between a brother and sister. It is celebrated as a symbol of love and care. The sister ties a band around the wrist of her brother known as “Rakhi” showing that this bond is unbreakable.

The brother also, in return, promises his sister that he will protect her from all the bad and evil situations that will happen in and around her. The sister then has all the rights to demand anything and any gift from her brother in exchange of the Rakhi that she has tied on his wrist.

Now if you are heading towards any Rakhi gift for her and you are in a catch22 situation. Don’t worry bro! We have got your back dear. Here are the top 10 ideas for your partner-in-crime for Rakhi. Check them out:


Gone are the days when there were letters to communicate with each other. Yet, present are the days when we still somewhere miss them. Gift your sister a handwritten letter or a notebook. Convey your heart out and tell her that no matter what, you truly love your sister anyway. Write a special note for her or you may write about as to how many times she has been your savior.

Hand made diary


Try and be as creative as you can be. Recall your old days and those times when you both used to play together and you were as childish as you could have been. Write about your “Hide & Seek” and “Malgudi days” and binge watching your favorite cartoon series all the time.

You may also draw the childhood drawings in a drawing book with the multicolor ball pens, remembering the good old days.

Calligraphy Set



A unicorn is every girl’s first love and her first attraction towards her dreamy land. All the girls dream of having a unicorn of no match in her life. Being a brother, Unicorn silicon Phone Holder is a great idea as a Rakhi gift to your sister.

Very few things in the world are able to match the beauty, magic and powers of a Unicorn.

An item of alluring beauty, this silicon phone holder is one such product. This product has multiple slots to place your phone, this product will also help your enjoy binge watching your favorite shows in a tilt mode. A Rakhi gift for sister, who would love to own a unicorn, is no better than this one.

You may also give your sister as a Rakhi gift a unicorn mug or unicorn travel contact lens storage kit by

Unicorn Mobile Holder

Love your sister and want her to be safe? Gift her vehicle with the safety instructions. A keychain featuring a doll wearing a helmet is an amazing symbol of showing your love and you concern for her at the same time.


She knows the difference between your ‘Protectiveness’ for her and ‘Possessiveness’ for her.

Know your preferences and tell your sister that she is your ‘Priority’ by giving her a cute sleeping doll wearing a helmet keychain as a Rakhi gift.


She uses the beauty products and you tease her. She cries and you get scolded. Sometimes you even feel guilty. Well, now is the time to compensate for all those times. Give your sister a Rakhi gift that she will nurture her skin with and will cherish you all her life.

Beauty is a life-long fundamental right that brings meticulous care to the skin every day. Let your sister hydrate the skin anytime, anywhere and keep the dryness away from your sister. Let her enjoy the moisture that will make her sleep well. This product will surely moisturize her skin that will result in a warming and quiet night.

Your sister will surely love this beautiful and innovative gift from your side.


You know who rules when you have got no rules. She is a binge-watcher. Go ahead and add it on with the Netflix and chill pair of socks.

Netflix is the second most favorite pass time for today’s generation. N other thing is as pleasurable as chilling while binge watching your favorite series on Netflix and having a cheat diet while performing those stunts, i.e., Netflix binge watch.

These funky bright red socks are a declaration that your Netflix mode is on and you are not to be disturbed. The socks come with Netflix on one leg and chill written on the other sock. The socks are free size.



Jewellery never goes out of fashion. And especially then, when it is a handmade one. An add-on to it, winter jewellery which is made of wool.

“If you feel happy inside, then show it on the outside”, they say. Then why not with this blooming pink necklace? This woolen necklace is carefully hand crafted by artisans in UP, the pink and green combination is surely going to make your sister glow. Which other jewellery would be as better as this one being a Rakhi gift for sister?

Let her bring on the A-game with this two-toned green and red floral woolen necklace. Let her show it off in front of her friends circle and then you will be someone with the unique ideas in front of them.


Go grab that limited piece now!!!

Check out the link below:

Green Red Single Flower.jpg



We know how much we all love to tease our siblings. They are our best enemies to fight with. But we really care for them from within. Let her create her own snugly space in the world and feel-good anywhere with the ultimate cocoon pillow.

She will not be moving even an inch for a power nap at her desk, chair or wherever she is. No problem with using the pillow, you just have to slip it on and you are all set to go on a ride in towards the fairyland. A great place to be in for a comfortable environment.

No deal for imperfect usage as it is protection friendly for a comfortable place for head and neck. She will sleep comfortably and happily at ease anywhere and will thank you for this forever.

Gift her comfortable environment even out of your home, i.e., she being at office or anywhere during her outings.



India is a vast country. We have too many places to go to. You can give a budget trip to so many places within India itself as a Rakhi gift to sister. Check out the different travel websites and take her to an amazing trip.

Let her rejuvenate her stress out and let her bless you. She is the one whom you want to be happy forever. Book a trip to some perfect place for example, a Goa trip. And book a hotel for at least 2-3 days.

Nowadays, there are many links that give you all the information about the place, the venue, the hotel, the management and the market and everything. You can also check the ratings and then book the trip accordingly.



These are the days with colored photographs. The print of those colored photographs as a mosaic is a great idea as a Rakhi gift for sister.


One-in-a-million mosaic photo frame is a perfect gift idea for your sister on the occasion of Rakhi. Each and every moment in our life that we spend with our loved ones, we create so many beautiful memories. And definitely amongst all those moments, we want a moment or two to freeze forever.

What you can do is, combine your favorite pictures to make one delightful image that is one in a million. Get your precious moment captured and use it in a single frame with other pictures forming a mosaic.

Go get your sister one beautiful picture with other 30 pictures within.


If your sister is a plant lover, no other gift is as better than a 4 in 1 plant pot as a Rakhi gift to sister. Love a flower pot in your home? Do not think twice to grab this beautiful looking flower pot that behaves so smartly. Add it on in your drawing room or your balcony or even decorate your study table with it. It is not only a holder for your flowers but also a Bluetooth speaker, night light and you can also play piano by touching the leaves of your plant. Yes, I am not joking. You read it right. Grab it now to believe it more.

Do not think more, just go and grab this unique product on our website now.

So these were the top 10 ideas that can be beneficial for you and for your sister for the beautiful occasion of Rakhi.

Remember to love your sister more and more every day. Know the difference between being “Protective” for her and being “Possessive” for her. Gift your sister the best of everything. Spread love and care amongst all. Even try to teach others the real meaning of this bond and be an inspiration for those who are seeking one. We wish you all the best for your bond and we bless you both with all the love and affection. Enjoy the festival of Rakhi with all the love.

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