Top 10 Man Cave Poster Style Themes

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10 Poster Style Categories for your Man Cave

There are so many directions and genres to consider with posters; we decided to pick our top ten greatest man cave poster categories. These are not necessarily in the order of ranking, but are sure to provide you and your friends with some unique, yet manly decorating ideas.

Portrait of the Man

The man-cave is the portrait of the man. This means the room must strike all other males who pass through then door, as the coolest hang out ever. One great way to put some originality into your personal zone is with movie posters, like the ones hanging at the theater.

Purchase Details: The Terminator | $3.76


Purchase Details: Zach Garvey ( Fight Club ) | $7.44


Purchase Details: The Dude ( Big Lebowski ) | $14.99

Now do not envision thumb tacks and scotch tape around the edges to attach posters to the wall, unless that is what you want. These posters can come framed, which can give your masculine area the feel, and thrill of the theater. Not to mention, it adds a little class and a touch of vintage theater to the domain.

Vintage Girls Posters

The visual inspiration of vintage poster girls, like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page and Raquael Welch.Purchase Details: In Your Eyes ( Marilyn Monroe ) | $27.59


These classy, yet sexy ladies of a time now lost can brighten up any male den. They kept it covered just enough to stimulate the imagination. Meanwhile, they showed just enough to stimulate the imagination a bit more. Classic sexy.

Guys who go for the vintage pin up girl look have a few choices to consider.

Do you want the actual classic photograph poster?

Purchase Details: Raquel Welch Poster  |  $8.95

or the amazing cartooned vintage calendar girl style?

Purchase Details: Over The Top: Nurse Bettie    |  $21.99

Both types have their own appeal, but all in all, they provide a man with a domain in which he will always find himself surrounded by beautiful women.

Classical Sports Theme  Posters


The sport man cave is one of the most common themes used. Men primarily choose basketball, football or baseball to cover their walls, but occasionally the rogue hockey or soccer theme will jump out. Sports themes are easy and accessible for the most part.


Purchase Details: Over The Top: Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig  |  $20.99



Purchase Details: Over The Top: Spotlight Action Posters |  $ 9 ~ $40


Purchase Details: Over The Top: Vintage Football Posters  |  $21.70


Men who enjoy Basketball, Football or Baseball can focus on a favorite team, combination of teams, or specific players. Sports memorabilia is so easy to find, banners, jerseys, hats and more can add to the thrill of the sports den. If the room itself has games, such as video football on a widescreen television, a Foosball or pool table, you have created an chill atmosphere. A sports style man cave will make your brothers proud, as long as you decorate with the right team.

Science Fiction Posters

So maybe you and the guy friends are not really into physical contact sports, but instead embrace a nerdier calling. Rather you love Star Wars, Star Trek, or anything in the science fiction genre, you will be able to find and decorate our mancave with ease. Some of the most tasteful science fiction posters ever designed are available for purchase, including a frame if wanted which we recommend. Both Star Wars and Star Trek emitted a barrage of movie posters, that later became screen prints.

Purchase Details: STAR WARS – Empire Needs You  |  $7.99



Purchase Details: Star Wars – Yoda Jedi Master Pop Art  |  $9.41


Regardless of your favorite, your choices will be vast. The millennium falcon is up for grabs and the Enterprise is ready to fly off towards your destination. You can make your man cave the final frontier, decorating it in a way no man has seen before, and make it your final destination each day. We love puns


Purchase Details: Star Trek Enterprise blueprint |  $7.70


Purchase Details: Keep Calm and Move Along Poster – Star Wars  |  $19.99

Horror Theme Posters


The Horror genre is an entirely new and cool way to deck out a man cave. Those not afraid to share their space with the creepy, murderous, insane and devilish, might feel a pull from horror posters, framed or unframed. The Horror Genre offers a vast collection of movie posters ranging from low budget, never made it to the big screen, to multimillion dollar box office superstars. Stay retro with the classic era posters, or change with the times and embrace something new and unique.

Purchase Details: Jack Nicholson, Shining Poster |  $29.99


   Purchase Details: KAce of Spades Poster | $7.99 


  Purchase Details: Keep Calm and Kill Zombies | $7.99 

Comic Book Posters

Almost all little boys dream of being superheros… or super villain. Now you can make your room into the man cave you’ve always wanted. Thanks to recent Superman, Batman, Avengers and Spiderman movies, Marvel superstar comic memorabilia posters are a hot commodity, and often easily accessible. You can focus your theme on one specific super hero, or make your own Hall of Justice, featuring the celebrated heroes of your youth.


  Purchase Details: Wolverine Shadow Comics Poster  |  $7.99 


Purchase Details: Justice League of America Limited Edition Poster  |  $1,209.99 


  Purchase Details: Batman – Rides |  $7.99     

If those that prefer the villain, there is no shortage Joker posters or cool Anime to give your den a little duality.

Purchase Details: Batman Arkham Origins – Joker |  $9.99 | $9.99     


Purchase Details: Death Note Poster  | $21.99  

Guy Movie Posters

Design your man cave with an all around classic guy movie theme. You can put up framed or unframed posters of some of the greatest man flicks ever filmed. Just imagine having a the entire gangster squad present, accompanied by the original Blues Brothers,  and maybe even Fear and Loathing poster.


   Purchase Details: Gangsters Collage Godfather Goodfellas Scarface Sopranos Movie Poster Print  | $11.99  


  Purchase Details: Blues Brothers | $25.99     


  Purchase Details: Pulp Fiction | $9.99     


TV Series Posters

A TV series theme to a den is a unique choice, especially if you add some accompanying decor and similar era style furniture. There are so many great options available; you may even have trouble deciding what you want. I all boils down to preference, and what type of impression you want your living space to make on first sight.


  Purchase Details: The Walking Dead – Jailhouse | $9.99     


  Purchase Details: Sons of Anarchy – Fighting Television Poster | $9.99  


 Purchase Details: George The Timeless Art of Seduction – Seinfeld TV Poster | $9.99

Video Game Posters

Get your game on in a classic game themed mancave. You can create an almost arcade style environment, just for you and your friends. Imagine seeing framed posters along the walls featuring all the old Arcade favorites like Pac Man, Space Invaders, Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. This type of class game design gives a lot of flexibility to the rest of the area, and emanates a fun place to relax.


 Purchase Details: Hadouken Video Game Poster | $6.99


Purchase Details: Mortal Kombat | $7.99

Not into the arcade scene? Xbox, PlayStation and PC all offer plenty of cool games to theme a room with. Some of the coolest looking posters come from modern video games like Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. Put the framed promotional posters on your walls and compliment it with life size action wall stickers. You can create a gamer heaven in a man cave.


Purchase Details: Gaming Zone – Duty Calls | $7.99


Purchase Details: Los Santos ( Grand Theft Auto) | $6.99

What your Living Space Says about You

The framed or unframed posters are a simple, economical approach to adding your own personality to any room. It can also be the inspiration for the entire room design including furniture, paint etc. Take some time to find the right ones for you.

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