Top 10 Most Electric Coaches in Football

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10) Sean McVay

Sean McVay has been seen on the sideline for the Los Angeles Rams since 2017. When they went to the Super Bowl to face the Patriots in 2019, McVay was the center of attention. His young coaching style relates to his players. He is the opposite of Andy Reid. McVay seems to be in great shape, so he can sprint down the sidelines with his DBs as they take a pick 6 to the house. Every time the TV pans to this guy on the sideline, it seems like he is scheming a plan for world domination. His focus is pristine and unmatched. McVay is one of the most competitive football coaches I’ve ever seen and has proved it doesn’t matter what age you are, if you know how to coach football you will win. McVay’s high energy and moxie is the reason he makes the list at #10.

9) Pete Carroll

Watching Pete Carroll on the sidelines makes me question the entire science of how gum is chewed. I wonder how many packs of gum this guy swallows during a single game. Maybe he’s sponsored by a gum company. Pete sits on the sidelines and is constantly chomping. I mean it’s impressive to watch. The guy must have one of the strongest jaws in the history of humanity. I’m sure he’s got around 100 new cavities every dentist appointment, but he probably doesn’t care. He goes into the office already a pack deep. It’s an addiction really. Some may say it’s a focus thing but to me, it’s an addiction. The guy loves gum, what can I say. His jawline has reaped the benefits.

However, Pete Carroll also brings an energy to football that can’t be matched by most. Another football coach that’s in shape and is way older than he looks. On a serious note, Pete Carroll can coach, and it shows with the consistent dominance with the Seahawks. I can see Pete being the longest living human ever. He just has that “it factor.” The only thing that will end this guy is choking on his 35 pieces of gum. Even then, I think he’d respect going out like that.

8) Mike Gundy

Mike Gundy is a force of energy. The intense passion he brings to football puts him at #8 on this list. Gundy has been coaching for the Oklahoma State Cowboys since 2005. The dude has been there forever. Gundy is known for his media outrage and his sick haircuts. He should never cut his hair and keep it in that beautiful mullet forever. There’s a famous saying I think of, and it goes “the team is a reflection of the head coach.” When Gundy has the mullet, it brings a new level of swagger to the Cowboys.

There have been two instances that stand out to me for why Gundy is an electric personality. The first one being when he exploded on the media about putting blame on a college athlete for doing everything right. He told the media to always put the blame on him and to stop writing stories that involve shitting on his amateur athletes. Secondly, is more recent where he was seen wearing an OAN news network shirt. Chuba Hubbard went as far as saying he was going to sit out of the 2020 football season. Gundy must not have realized the impact politics have on the world nowadays.

However, Gundy has had success with the Cowboys and his fiery energy is exactly what we need as football fans. Gundy is here to stay. He will retire and die on that OK State sideline. He lives, breathes, and eats Cowboy football.

7) Dan Mullen
Image by Brad McClenny via USA TODAY

Dan Mullen has come on strong with the Gators in this 2020 season. He goes into the category of one of the most competitive people I have ever seen. His nickname, “the quarterback whisperer” didn’t help Feleipe Franks, but boy has he made Kyle Trask look good.

Mullen is an offensive guru that is known for his intense energy and coaching style. However, there was one moment this year that solidified himself on the list. At the end of the first half between Vanderbilt and Florida, there was a bench clearing skirmish at midfield. Mullen was one of the first people out there, and damn near tried to fight the Vanderbilt PLAYERS! After he proceeded to head into the tunnel and throw his arms up to fire up the crowd. This is the definition of personality and electricity. Also, Dan Mullen’s wife is extremely close to the players and sometimes brings dinner to their houses. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but she’s more well-known than most football coaches’ wives in the nation. The Florida culture seems to be changing under Dan Mullen and the Gators are nasty because of it.

6) Jon Gruden

There are a few things that make Jon Gruden pure entertainment. The first is that he has permanent stank eye face which has never left him. Let’s be honest, have you ever seen Jon Gruden’s mouth, eyes, and nose aligned? He looks like a dysfunctional Wii character that was put together by a 6-year-old. Secondly, the fact that he was a TV analyst before going back to coach the Las Vegas Raiders gave people insight into his personality. Gruden has been in the booth, on the draft board analysis team, and ran his own QB camp. This guy’s life is sick. There’s nothing but football in his life, and that’s exactly how he likes it.

Gruden’s top notch facial expressions and voice make him the exact definition of electric. Also, do not test his patience on the field. Gruden is there to win and will get after anyone who gets in his way, including coaches, refs, and players. He is an NFL icon and recently made another statement to his reputation by wearing one of those half masks that look like women’s underwear. Give him a break, can you imagine coaching for your livelihood every weekend and having to struggle communicating plays to your team? That has to suck.

I’m surprised that more than a few coaches haven’t gotten fined for not wearing the masks on the sideline. Gruden was one of those few, however the mask was just incredible. If you haven’t seen this thing you’re in for a treat. As far as football goes, he is a tremendous coach and I love watching his team. The Raiders are on the rise and are a few key pieces away from making a run.

5) Jim Harbaugh

What a journey this guy has been on. Harbaugh has been losing in those khakis for a long time now. Damn I used to feel bad for this guy. Michigan is an absolute joke right now. Harbaugh hasn’t got it done for the Wolverines and his time at Michigan will most likely come to an end after this year. However, you can’t sit here and act like this guy isn’t dynamic on the sideline. The famous turtleneck and khakis make him who he is.

Have you ever noticed Harbaugh on the sidelines complaining? Yeah, me too because it’s all he does. Every time something bad happens in a Michigan football game, Harbaugh’s face is the same. He presents the slightly open bottom lip with the state of confusion. Harbaugh is electric from the aspect of him always being upset. It must suck game planning week after week and getting pounded by opposing teams. Harbaugh and his khakis need to be back in the NFL where they belong. I think Harbaugh is a good football coach, but he is in the wrong situation.

4) Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is a pure specimen on the field. He’s been at the center of college football for a long time now. He has coached everywhere. Kiffin is another offensive guru and was made famous coaching in Alabama with Nick Saban. He’s on record saying that him and Saban’s relationship is different. He compared it to an ex-girlfriend. He said he respects him more now than he did when he was at Alabama. The video of Kiffin getting reamed by Saban is priceless.

I think what makes Kiffin well known is his swagger and cool personality. He’s a player’s coach to say the least. Kiffin likes to poke fun at everyone and usually does it over Twitter. Kiffin posted a tweet showing Nick Saban in ripped jeans on the sidelines. Also, an FAU fan that was promoting the students to attend the Owls spring game tagged Kanye West telling him to show up, and Kiffin responded with “Turn up Kanye.”

Kiffin has been a winner at every place he’s coached. He brought the FAU program up from nothing. He ended his career at Florida Atlantic going 54-21, which is impressive to say the least. He is the head coach at Ole Miss now trying to bring them back to being a respected program in the SEC. Kiffin’s fun and colorful personality is the main reason he comes in at #4 on our list.

3) Ed Orgeron

We have nudged our way into the top three, and here comes Ed Orgeron. One of the liveliest personalities in all of humanity. This guy’s voice is incredible. If I got yelled at by this guy, he would put me ten feet under with just his words. Ed’s coaching style is awesome.

He is a fiery, energetic, and confident football coach. The 2019 LSU Tigers might be the greatest team this world has ever seen, and Orgeron was leading the charge every week. However, the 2020 Tigers have been tough to watch, but it’s okay because Orgeron loves that pressure. He’s on record saying, “The day I can’t whoop a man’s ass is the day I don’t get out of bed.” Orgeron is your typical “SEC guy.” He has lived, breathed, and coached SEC football forever. He bleeds Louisiana and some good tasting gumbo. They should’ve put this guy in Waterboy instead of The Blind Side. Could you imagine “Big Bad Ed” coaching Bobby Boucher and the fighting Mud Dogs? Pure electricity.

2) Nick Saban
Image by Alaa Elassar and Cesar Marin via CNN

Where do I begin? Nick Saban is the most well-known and respected coaches in all of football. The amount of wins he has speaks for itself. Die-hard football fans respect the fact that he’s the definition of a football guy. He IS FOOTBALL! Saban’s track record consists of cussing out refs, not smiling, media outrages, and winning. All of these are reasons we love Saban. He is Probably the most intimidating person I’ve ever seen. There are countless numbers of occasions where Saban has scolded someone, either on the field or in the media room.

I believe Saban’s legacy will be like John Wooden’s. Hear me out. Saban doesn’t throw chairs or hurt players physically, but he demands greatness on every play and from every player. Even the other football coaches must be perfect. It seems like nothing is ever good enough for Saban, but maybe that’s what makes him great. Saban barely cracked a smile when he won the National Title in 2018. Do I even have to put his winning percentage in here? Just know Saban will always be a winner. Overall, Saban makes football great and we love him for that.

1) Mike Leach

We have made it all the way to number one. If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate your loyalty. Mike Leach is the most entertaining coach in all of football. This guy is an absolute wildcard of a human being. Mike Leach became famous while coaching Michael Crabtree and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and is the most chilled and laid-back guy off the field. He cracks an insane number of jokes and pokes fun at everyone. Don’t underestimate Leach on the field as he will lay into players when necessary. Leach always looks tired off the field which makes him extremely relatable to pedestrians watching.

Mike Leach’s press conferences are comedy at its best. He is quick-witted and turns uncomfortable conversations into jokes. He’s known as the funny guy in the office. No, not the Andy Bernard type funny guy. On the field, Leach has a niche and that’s the air raid offense. Leach’s air raid offense has landed him several jobs across the country, and it made Gardner Minshew the quarterback he is today. Leach is the #1 most electric coach in all of football because he displays all types of emotion, personality, and character.

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