Top 10 players with the most powerful shots in football

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If you’re the type who always takes the ball right in the face when playing soccer, you better not stick around.

Discover now the Top 10 players with the most powerful shots in the world!

Cristiano Ronaldo: 120 km / h

Source: leral

Even as he gets older, it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t lost any of his previous performances. And his ball strikes are still some of the most powerful ever.
Indeed, the Portuguese international, who wants to continue his professional career even beyond 40 years, is bombing real homing missiles.

Against Genoa FC last summer, CR7 managed to score a magnificent goal over 25 meters behind Mattia Perin’s goal. The ball flew at lightning speed before ending up in the poor keeper’s net, which could have done absolutely nothing to stop him.

A player with an overpowered strike.

This powerful cannonball reached a speed of 105 km / h. But it’s not the Portuguese striker’s strongest shot. Indeed, a strike from CR7 had already reached 120 km / h when he was still wearing the white Real Madrid shirt.

These overpowering strikes come as no surprise from the Portuguese striker! Both his physical strength and his athleticism are blatant.

CR7 does not count on its physical condition alone since the “Robot” trains nearly 8 hours a day to make his strikes ever more powerful.

Obafemi Martins : 135,1 km/h

Source: leballonrond

Despite their small stature, some football players possess physical strength and shooting power that defy the imagination.

One of the most egregious examples of this truth is Nigerian international and ex Intersite, Obafemi Martins. The latter, despite his very modest size, managed to shake the goalkeepers with exceptional punching power.

Obafemi was nothing short of a minus on the turf indeed, firing real cannon shots from his mighty legs and showing truly extraordinary athleticism. This powerful gunner is thus the author of anthology goals! Like in 2007 when he still played for Newcastle United.

With his side battered by Tottenham, the Nigerian forward managed to break through the opposing defense with a combination of smart passing and sprinting before sending the ball to the bottom of the opposing skylight.

Shipped some two meters from the penalty area, the Nigerian surface-to-air missile was still flashed at 135.1 km / h.

Roberto Carlos: 137 km/h

Source: le360

Everyone remembered Roberto Carlos’s famous free-kick against the France team in 1997! The ball’s changing trajectory and the power of the strike had left the goalkeeper, Fabien Barthez, totally taken aback and literally with his arms hanging out.

This incredible free-kick had been studied at length by scientists of all stripes, who tried to unravel this footballing enigma. Roberto Carlos left-footed, after he gained considerable momentum. And the ball had indeed literally changed course to go straight towards the French nets.

Famous for the curved trajectory of the ball.

The blow’s power was such that the balloon reached the lightning speed of 137 km / h. And so she covered the 35 meters that separated him from the goal in the blink of an eye.

His powerful and muscular thighs, and the great momentum he gave himself before hitting the ball, allowed him to deliver that free-kick masterfully. But the explanation for the ball’s curved trajectory, which seemed to defy logic, had to be looked for in science.

Indeed, it is the Magnus effect, an aerodynamic and kinetic phenomenon well known to physicists. And what could have explained what has long been a perfect enigma for the public?

Alan Shearer: 138 Km/h

Source: bt

English football is known to breed powerful shooters, and indeed many of the Top Ten players are British citizens. Like Alan Shearer, whose strike force was so powerful that he was aptly referred to as “the Newcastle Bomber.”

The English player is thus one of the greatest scorers in the English league. The top scorer in his favorite club’s history, Newcastle United, with a total of two hundred and six goals, scored.

A hefty strike.

Very robust from the height of its 1.83 m, Shearer thus possessed a hefty and powerful strike. He quickly became the obsession of Premier League goalkeepers.

One of his cannonballs was also flashed at 138 km / h during a Newcastle match in 1997. So far, the most powerful strike ever recorded by the legendary English club.

“The Newcastle bomber” therefore made a lot of poor goalkeepers tremble during his career before finally surrendering and hanging up his crampons.

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