Top 10 Smartest iPhone Apps for Bloggers

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Busy bloggers are finding that there are many handy iPhone apps that they can use to help manage their workload on the go. Even when they are at home, turning on a laptop or desktop just to keep check on things is a difficult task as compared to doing the same on an iPhone. In this article we have compiled a collection of top 10 iPhone apps for bloggers that can help them manage all of their work irrespective of the place and time as long as they have working internet connection. Most of these are free apps but there are a couple that are more than worth the small price bloggers will need to pay.

Top iPhone Apps for Bloggers

1. WordPress: All bloggers with the iPhone 5 will surely be aware of the WordPress app. This app, allows website owners to publish blog posts, photos, videos and other such stuff on their website on the go, this app is sort of must for bloggers who are either traveling around or doing live blogging and covering industry events. This app is super handy during times when you want to drop an instant post on your blog! In the WP app, different categories can be chosen for every post you publish from WordPress platform. It offers all the same features as those of the PC version of WordPress software. If you are a regular blogger and own an iPhone then WordPress is definitely one of the best apps for iPhone, which should be occupying some space on your smartphone. WordPress is available free of cost on App Store. You can download WordPress for iPhone here. 2. SEO Automatic: A sleek idea converted into a great utility for web developers and seo’s to tweak their sites. This app is developed by Scott Hendison and is less than 1 mb in size. Just like webdesign, usability and CMS of any site is of a great concern to any website owner, SEO is also very important for any website so that it can climb up the search engine ladder. SEO Automatic will provide you with real time SEO analysis of your website or page.

Moreover, headers, meta tags, photo tags and other various such things can be analyzed. By using this app you will get to know the success rate of your SEO strategy. Expert suggestions are also available on how to effectively use this app to make your SEO strategy work better.

This app will cost you $9.99. Click here to download SEO Automatic.

3. Hoot Suite:

Hoot Suite is a unique app, through which you can use all the social networking websites at the same time. If you share your stuff regularly on social networking websites to boost the visitors on your web properties then this app is just what you want. The app is  larger in size compared to the other two apps we covered above, this rated 4+ mobile phones app stands at 14.2 Mb

It is some what difficult task to open different apps one by one and share your blog posts, so HootSuite is here to save your time and extra work. You will just have to sign in to different accounts through this single app for the first time and after that it automatically sign you in every time. You can schedule different posting times on different networks.

The good news is that this app is available free of cost on the App Store. Download the HootSuite app for iPhone.

4. WhatTheFont:

If you see an article on a website or newspaper and you think that its font is looking very appropriate then what will you do to know that which font is it? Your hours can be wasted to find that font on MS Word so that you can use it in writing your blog. This application is not resource hungry and merely weighs at 0.4 MB, it was last updated in last year December, however, it is rated 4+ which is not a bad signal. This app “WhatTheFont” will help you recognize the font. You will just have to take a photo of any word and the app will itself recognize and tell you that which type of font has been used. This app is very useful and can help you improve the appearance of your blog. You can download WhatTheFont app for free. 5. Read It Later: Readitlater iPhone App for Bloggers All the bloggers have to do some research work from the internet before writing down a blog post. If you are doing a research on any topic on the computer and you have to go somewhere and leave the computer then you can continue your research on the iPhone. Searching the required page on your phone will be a difficult and time consuming task but if you install the app “Read It Later” aka “Pocket” then it will not be a problem anymore. Link this app to all of your devices and it will store the bookmarks automatically as you save them on any of your device. Download “Read It Later” free from App Store by clicking here. 6. CoverItLive:

Blogging about live events is not an easy task. You need a creative crew that can handle camera, commentary and other things efficiently. “CoverItLive” is an iPhone app which can help you blog about live events all by yourself. This app which is rated 12+ covers around 1.2 Mb of your disk space. Creating, running, launching and publish events are couple of its core feature, which helps it to make it to our list.

You will just have to install the app and handle it smartly and the rest of the tasks will be done by the app. You can publish live, videos and photos directly from your iPhone.

CoverItLive is available on App Store for free. Find out how you can start your own vlog using the iPhone. 7. Blogsy:

Massive in size, but extremely useful for blog owners, Blogsy is regularly updated, its current version 2.1 was released in August. This app is especially for bloggers who blog on more than one website using different platforms. By using “Blogsy” you can update all of your websites at the same time very easily.

It has couple of additional cool features, such as it has a nice integration with Facebook, which allows writers to directly select and drag images from your Facebook accounts and pages.

It has also the ability to upload photos and videos by a single click. Unfortunately you will have to spend $4.99 from your wallet to get this app, but its definitely worth it.

Download Blogsy by clicking here. 8. myPANTONE:

This 18 MB in size app, developed by X-Rite was last updated on 1st May, 2012. Appearance is very important for everything that you want people to view. It is also very important for blogs so that visitors are attracted towards them “myPANTONE” has a portable color scheme library in it for bloggers and web designers.

If you are one of those savvy bloggers, who do not compromise to the layout, quality of writing, styling of post, then do consider myPantone and also let us know in the feedback about your experience with it, either positive or negative. This app has the ability to beautify and give style to your blog in a number of ways that you can not even imagine.

It will cost you $9.99. To download myPANTONE

9. BAM Analytics Pro: Bam Analytics iPhone App for Bloggers Blast Advance Media, which is behind this app, is an app for collecting and analyzing your web analytics data, last year when i was abroad and traveling a lot, and since i did not have access to my laptop, i really missed checking out potential traffic problems with my website. By using this app you can create Google custom analytics report of your website. BAM Analytics Pro will retrieve all the performance data of your website from Google and then create report in which all the stats will be clearly mentioned. You can see in the image the details provided in the report. This app is available on App Store with a price tag of $1.99. You can download BAM Analytics Pro by clicking here. 10. Blogger: Earlier in the beginning we covered an app for WordPress bloggers, however, if you have multiple blogs running on multiple platforms, this app is for you my friend!

Irrespective of which platform you are using for blogging, you can now blog on your iPhone by using Blogger. This app supports almost all the blogging platforms and lets you upload photos and videos in the blog.

Moreover, tags, categories, links and locations can also be added according to the requirement. Most importantly, you dont have to shell out a single cent to grab this app. You can download it for free by clicking here.

Last Words about iPhone Apps for Bloggers

This list doesn’t end here, there are numerous top free iPhone apps and utilities, which can add up to your daily productivity and enhance blogging experience by a mile and you most likely know of some. What would be great is, if you share some of the iPhone mobile apps for webmasters, which you have used previously and can vouch for them, it shall be a great help for blogging community. Lastly, i would love to hear your feed back on these and your favorite iPhone apps.

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