Top Color Trends We’re About to See Everywhere in 2021-2022

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The Pantone Color Institute has released a report on the trendy colors of the upcoming New York Fashion Week. It determines which shades will be the most popular in collections 2020-2021.

This palette creates a sense of strength and confidence by allowing you to choose colors that best reflect your mood. The experts analyzed not only the fall-winter collections, but also the main Instagram trends.

In good outfit, the most important thing is color, and then other visual elements. If you want your outfit to be on trend, you need to keep a close eye on the color trends of the upcoming season. Let’s find out what colors will be trending in 2020 and how to mix them correctly.

The report traditionally consists of 10 trendy colors and 4 classic ones. Here they are all:




Classic Blue

Green Sheen

Rose Tan

Ultramarine Green

Fired Brick

Peach Nougat

Magenta Purple

Neutral Color Pantone Palette:

Military Olive

Blue Depths

Almond Oil


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