Turquoise Front Door

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When inspiration hits, do you jump on it and act immediately?
Or do you dwell on it for days just to make sure you’re making a wise decision? 
Well, when this idea hit, it was like someone yelled…CHARGE!!!
Just a few short days ago my front door was black.  It was a nice front door…just a little typical and expected.  
The idea came about when my husband’s cousin, Sherryl, asked me to help her choose a turquoise paint color for the front door of her new house.
I told her I liked the idea so much that I might end up with a turquoise door as well.
Graciously, she didn’t mind that I was going to blatantly copy her idea. Once the idea took root, I just couldn’t get it out of my head!  

Our inspiration was this cabinet Sherryl found at an antique mall. The booth owner shared with us that the color was Benjamin Moore Aruba Blue. 
So, after some serious contemplation (I gave it at least 24 hours) and searching through my paint fan decks I chose to go with Sherwin Williams Nifty Turquoise as my color. I would suggest a satin or egg shell finish if you plan on glazing the door.  
I have to admit after the first coat of paint was on, I was having a bit of painter’s remorse.
I felt a bit silly not realizing just how bright and intense this color would be.  Knowing I was going to glaze the door kept me going because I knew it would tone down the turquoise.
The baby gate was used to keep the dogs inside as the paint dried. 
I have done quite a bit of glazing, but after several failed attempts to achieve the right results for the door I decided to ask the pros.  I headed over to a local, family owned paint store. (Munger Paint and Wallpaper – if anyone is in the OKC area these guys are great.)   After listening to my dilemma, the employee suggested these products to create the glaze. I mixed the Modern Masters Extender with the Benjamin Moore paint in a 4 to 1 ratio. 4 parts extender to 1 part paint.
*UPDATE…Products have changed. 
The Modern Masters Extender has since been discontinued. The best substitute I have found is Benjamin Moore’s Latex Glaze Extender, product #408. This product functions the same as the Modern Masters.

The Metal and Wood Enamel has been upgraded and is now called DTM Acrylic #HP25 – 60 Bronzetone. I’ve been told this is identical to the paint I used only now has new name with updated VOC requirements. 
You should be able to find these products at your local Benjamin Moore dealer. I highly recommend you visit the guys at Munger Paint and Wallpaper if you’re in the Oklahoma City area.
If the Bronzetone paint (above) is not available in your area you can use a comparable extender with an exterior brown paint to create the glaze. The closest match in color to the Bronzetone color that I’m aware of is Sherwin Williams Van Dyke Brown. 


And now back to our tutorial…

I brushed the glaze on in small areas and then wiped it off to get the look I wanted. Sorry, but I was so intent on this process, I didn’t get pictures.  

When I have left tape on a piece for a few days, even good painter’s tape, I use an exacto knife or blade to cut the tape away from the paint. This keeps the paint from “tearing” away if it hasn’t cured completely.  It is better to be safe than sorry.
Different lighting makes the turquoise color appear different in these photos and at different times of the day. For the most part Nifty Turquoise, especially after it is glazed, leans more towards a green turquoise that a blue turquoise.   
Here’s an up close view of the glazing. I apologize for the difference in color of these photos.
My door rarely looks this blue (below). The more green color above is much closer to the true color of the door. 
I guess I can no longer say I have a typical front door!
I love my new front door! And this time, I am so glad I “charged” ahead with an idea. 
Sometimes, you just have to trust your instincts and go with it.  
It doesn’t always work…oh, but when it does, it’s great!
What about you? When was the last time you “charged” ahead when inspiration hit?  
This particular door is solid wood and was purchased from General Builders Supply around 2005-2006. I do not know the exact manufacturer or product number but Wood Grain Doors carries a very similar, solid wood exterior door #516 6516.
To see more of our home’s exterior and read about repainting our shutters visit…

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