Ultimate Crosscut Sled

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Synopsis: This unusual crosscut sled goes miles beyond the basic carpenter’s sled with runners that slide in a tablesaw’s miter-gauge grooves. This sled, used with an accompanying sled horse, allows you to crosscut large panels and long boards safely, accurately, and repeatably. The unusual triangular shape and cutouts make the sled easier to handle. The sled rides in the left-hand miter gauge slot, positioning your body safely to the left of the blade when in use. The two-part fence is designed not to warp and has a flat face that can be adjusted to stay flat and perfectly square to the blade.

With a bit of support at the outfeed end, most tablesaws excel at ripping— whether wide panels or long boards. Crosscutting these pieces is a different story.

Many commercial shops own large, industrial sliding-table tablesaws that make these cuts safely and accurately. But the options for…

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