Ultimate List of Brands that Sell on eBay

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Buying to resell is key to grow your eBay business. When you are out thrifting to find deals, what brands do you buy? How much do you invest? Never be scared of buying resell items ever again! Here is the ultimate list of brands that sell on eBay and how much you should be investing in them.

  • The best brands to flip for a profit
  • Links to each brand showing real time what they are selling for
  • Encouragement to keep listing

Before we get into brands that sell on eBay, if you have never sold on eBay you will want to read this post first: How to Start Selling on eBay in 12 Easy Steps!


I’m always so happy when I find Lululemon clothing! People wear $500 outfits to the gym and they’re searching for this brand. Even used Lululemon has great resell value.

They are selling for $55-$85 new and $20-$80 used.

One time I sold a Lululemon coat for $100 and had about $20 invested in it. Heavier items usually sell for more, so you can invest more in them, but always do research if you are unsure!

PINK / Victoria’s Secret

PINK and Victoria’s Secret are brands you should keep a lookout for, especially the new styles.

PINK clothes normally sell for about $12-$35 used and $25-$45 new.

Always keep in mind that tank top and shirts sell for less than jackets or sweatpants. These are very popular brands, so you will have no problem finding it in thrift stores or garage sales. 


Jordan’s are one of my favorite things to look for. I think they are one of the reselling gems many resellers don’t know about. BUT I only buy retro Jordan’s. Also, you have to be careful with fakes. So if you aren’t familiar with Jordan’s don’t buy to resell.

I only buy retro Jordan’s because retro’s are the ones selling for well over $100. A couple times I have invested $50 in a pair, sold them for $200, and make a profit of a least $100. The key is knowing what they are and if they are real. Check out some recently sold retro Jordan’s on eBay here.

>> You can learn all about about reselling Jordan’s in this post: How to Sell Sneakers on eBay!



I normally sell Nike tank tops and t-shirts for about $9.99-$14.99, so I don’t invest more than a dollar in these. Nike jackets usually sell for $20-$30, so you can invest more in Nike jackets.

When you are questioning if you should buy a pair of Nike shoes or not, break out your phone and search on the internet the number on the inside tongue of the shoe so you know what type of shoe they are, then type that in your eBay search box on completed listings.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors purses definitely sell, but some of the time when you find them at a thrift store they are fake (do not sell fakes on eBay!). Michael Kors clothes are a hit and miss, but I would buy it if it’s under $4. If it is new with tags you can invest a little more, just look it up to make sure you won’t lose any money.


This brand has a great turn over rate! Every ASOS item I list sells within the month. I usually don’t buy men’s clothing to resell because there are so much more women shopping online than men. But the constant ASOS sales I have been having has changed my view on men’s clothing!

The brand is selling for $15-$80 new and $10-$50 used


Adidas is really popular right now in the fashion world. So I search for anything Adidas. Adidas shoes have different resell values, definitely look them up before you buy.

Shirts sell anywhere from $5-$30 and jackets sell $15-60

J. Crew

J. Crew is a big hit or miss. When I buy this brand to resell, I only buy if I can find shirts, pants, or skirts for under $3. Dresses, jackets, and coats sell for more so you can invest more in them. Recently I found that J. Crew that is new with tags is selling for big money on eBay! Today, a new sweater sold for $80, a new dress sold for $120, and another new sweater sold for $20. Before you invest more than $5 in J. Crew, do research!

The North Face

This is a brand you will come across a lot. Before you immediately buy, look it up on eBay completed listings. (Learn how to do research on eBay here!) The thin fleece pullovers usually sell for about $20.

The North Face pre-owned clothes sell for about $30-$47 and $45-$150 new. 


If you aren’t familiar with Lularoe, it’s a clothing brand for people to sell from home. It was very popular but now I see Lularoe business owners trying to get rid of their inventory, selling it for 3 times less than what they paid, just trying to get some money back. So even though it’s still popular, I don’t think it’s going to be trending for long. I only buy the dresses for $3 and under, the leggings and shirts for $2 and under.


URBN Brands

URBN brands include Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free PeopleAnytime you can put Anthropologie in a title, it sells better. Familiarize yourself with a few brands to look for. Find the complete list of Anthropologie brands here. Free People is probably one of the most searched for brands on eBay.

It’s selling used for $10-$75 and new $15-$120.


This is a great brand to resell if you can find it at a good price! They sell for $90-$200 new and $50-$145 pre-owned. This is definitely a price range you want to be in. The Patagonia shirts and shorts sell for less than the jackets and coats, so keep that in mind as you are deciding how much you want to invest.


Out of the last 25 women’s shirts that sold on eBay today, 30% of them were Zara. Any brand that is selling daily, you definitely want to keep your eye out for. 


Investing money in brands are scary. You have all this money out there so you want to make sure you are selling, right? Just make sure you don’t invest too much per item. A good limit for me is $10. Anything more and I better be selling it for $100+. Of course, there are exceptions. I just bought a watch on sale at my local sporting goods store for $90 and sold it within 2 weeks for $200. So just use discernment and research using the eBay app.

Try to avoid buying “no brand” items to resell. This isn’t talking about brands you’ve never heard of. I try to stay away from anything without tags (unbranded clothes).

Be open to all styles. Don’t buy just the items you think are stylish. That’s not how eBay works. Most people shopping on eBay aren’t finding your listing because it’s a stylish shirt. Your listings are found by: title, item details, price, and cute or professional pictures. (Pictures are important. I say cute or professional because it’s up to you how you want your pictures. Professional pictures with white backgrounds are preferred by eBay, but flat lays are trending right now so they might sell faster!)

I accept all jeans people want me to sell for them or if I find a good brand for cheap to resell. Just be cautious how much you’re investing in jeans because most people don’t want to spend a lot on something as odd fitting as jeans without trying them on. But when priced right, jeans do sell. 6 out of the last 25 things I sold were jeans and the average sold price was about $20. 

Final Encouragement 

When you do buy to resell: Don’t invest too much on each item, because you make money at the buy. List items just a little more than what they have been selling for. Keep your inventory organized as you list. Ship items that sell every night. Keep your shipping cost low, this is how you make more. Retake your pictures if your items are not selling. One thing to remember: if you don’t list, you don’t last. The more you list on eBay = the more you sell = the more you make. So don’t give up! Keep listing because eBay works.

Other Brands to Resell

Tahari / Tory Burch / Roolee / Levi / Madewell / Umgee / Under Armour / Eileen Fisher 

What are some brands you search to resell?

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