Vext for iOS

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In a latest development and Press Release from AppsRead it is reported that Vext for iOS introduced for benefit of global app users. Lil Jon has professionally created a keyboard app called Vext for iOS and Android.

With this app one could easily send video memes randomly shouting things like “What” and “Okay” to your favorite friends. It is possible to take your texting game to the next level with Vext, the first personality driven video texting app which is introduced successfully for sake of users. Vext for iOS has efficaciously teamed up with your favorite growing personalities to change how you send text messages forever. It is also possible to send common phrases from personalities directly from the keyboard.

It is habit that all the things you would generally text your friends. It’s the most technologically advanced app in the market with entertaining features. It is really amazing and popular, especially since Lil Jon is known for his catchphrases.

The app has many beneficial features like permitting “Full Access” enables Vext to copy and paste from the keyboard to your valid message. Vext naturally respects your valuable privacy and does not store your key strokes or compromise your privacy in any manner. The global users could select a phrase or expression from relevant database. It is also possible to save your most used phrase into your Favorites Section for simple access. Moreover new videos, phrases, and personalities included frequently. There is also Preview mode which permits user to view the video before you send.

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