We turned our baby crib into a porch swing!

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Sentimental hack: Turn a crib into a porch swing to keep your memories growing for years to come! Learn how to easily paint your baby crib porch swing the right way!

I’ve seen up-cycled baby cribs turned porch swings all over the place and FINALLY made my own! Luckily, my babies weren’t biters and all four of them used the same crib. It was in excellent condition when they were done with it so we kept it in storage thinking we would pass it onto our grand babies.

As time passed and after drooling over my many pins of easy to make headboard benches and diy crib swings, I decided to cherish our sweet crib and re-purpose it into a functioning porch swing. Here’s to many more memories with my growing babes!

Tips to turn a crib into a porch swing

Nate actually surprised me by making a swing out of a crib so I don’t have a step by step for you. Sorry! However, all instructions will differ anyway as cribs have so many different styles. He shared with me a verbal how-to as best as he could:

  • He used the crib head board and foot board only, he donated the slates and springs.
  • He used a Dremel to cut the top trim on 2 sides so it would be flush with the sides of the top of the crib. 
  • He used two 1×4’s to create back supports (one in the middle, one on the bottom) then wood glued then screwed it into the back of the new joint head board.
  • He used more 1×4’s to create a planked bench with 1×3 piece of trim all the way around.
  • He fashioned arms with 2×4’s on the front of the arms and 1×3’s where your arms rest.
  • He used a boat load of wood glue and screws 😀
  • Check out tips to securely hang your porch swing here!!

After assembly, my work began!

How to Paint Outdoor Furniture

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SAND crib swing

I’m not huge on sanding but I do like the paint to grip to the wood so I quickly went over the piece with my well loved mouse sander using 120 grit.


I hate prep work even more than sanding so I prefer to blow it off before painting versus wiping it down tediously with a lint free cloth. Feel free to do both, dust in your paint is super annoying.

PAINT to use for outdoor furniture

I used Americana Decor Outdoor Living in Picket Fence White.

A huge perk is the sealing power inside the paint, no need to seal afterward. Time saver!

I didn’t dilute it at all but poured a jar right into my favorite paint sprayer.

It covered my new baby crib porch swing like a champ!

I ended up applying 2 coats total, using 2.5 jars (approximately 2 1/2 cups of paint).

Not too shabby.

The planked seat is my favorite! It looks so good paired with crib curves.

At the last minute, I pulled off this brown piece of plastic that said PUSH, spray painted it black then screwed it on the bottom of the swing for an extra little memory of my baby days.

Isn’t it so sweet?

 I love how the undertone of the wood came out in the distressing process. I never loved the natural wood color when I first bought the crib but now appreciate seeing a glimpse of it.

Here she is all dolled up.

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