What Are the Best Front Door Colors for a Blue House?

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Having developed a massive inventory of house photos over the last five years, I have just about every exterior color combination documented in some way, shape, or form. Obviously not every shade of every color, but at least the major color categories.

I thought to myself that there must be something useful to do with all of these images! Why not create a variety of “look books” for those of you searching for color inspiration? So here goes! If you have a blue house of any shade, from slate blue, to baby blue, to navy blue, to royal blue, to turquoise blue and so on…here are my picks for the best front door colors.

A Super Safe Choice


A white front door on a blue house can look nice, but it is a very safe choice. Painting the front door white is a missed opportunity to punch up the curb appeal of your home, and it can also start to look dingy rather quickly depending on how often it is used and exposure to the elements.

This Essex, CT home is going for subtlety with its white door and pale blue exterior.

Having said that, if you are going for subtle the home above gets a white door right. The exterior is a very pale blue and the trim is also a crisp white.

The door on the house below is technically a very pale yellow, but it is practically white. I think this little house is darling but would prefer to see a more saturated yellow to match the intensity of the blue exterior.

This pale yellow door looks almost white against the much darker slate blue, adding a subtle pastel accent.

Classic (Also Safe) Choices


A glossy black door on a blue house can look fantastic. It is a traditional choice, and not necessarily exciting, but it can make your home look crisp and sophisticated. Some people don’t like black and blue together (perhaps too much like a bruise?), but that’s an old-fashioned rule that no longer applies.

Painting window muntins black is a popular trend at the moment, and while I like the look on certain homes (like the two featured below) I would think it through carefully as the trend may be shortlived. Window and door trim looks great painted a crisp white or painted the same color as the body of the house to put the focus on the door.

Stained Wood

I realize stain isn’t technically a color, but letting your beautiful wooden door shine through with a pretty stain on it can look fabulous with a blue house. It adds contrast and texture and a certain richness to your exterior. Just take a peek at some of these stained beauties below!

Bolder (and Braver) Choices


True red may be bright and bold, but it is a classic, traditional choice that many people love. In that sense, it is a comfortable color for people who want something with a bit more punch without being too different. With a blue house, a red door can cause an exterior to lean a bit patriotic depending on the shade of blue so keep that in mind.


Yellow is one of the best front door colors for a blue house, in my humble opinion. It can be pale, bright, or rich in color, ranging from sunny yellow to golden yellow to lemon yellow and everything in between.

It is a primary color along with red and blue, so perhaps that explains why so many choose yellow or red for their blue house. It is a happy and welcoming color!

When You Really Want to Go For It

Feeling extra brave? Really want to turn someone’s head when they walk or drive by your house? Then have a look at these colors!

Red-Orange and Orange

While just a few shades away from red, something about a red-orange or orange door really catches your eye. Check out these examples below. How about that royal blue with bright orange on the upper right? This happens to be a restaurant so they went extra bold.


Purple is analogous to blue on the color wheel and though you may not think of it at first, it really looks great! Especially on a Victorian home which demands a variety of happy, fun colors.

Although I don’t have a good example in my archives, I think a royal purple or lavender would look wonderful with navy or royal blue in addition to the lighter shades below.


Whether a deep raspberry, pale pink, or rosy pink, pink is a great complement to blue. A deep raspberry like the home on the left below is a bit more sophisticated and serious, while the rosy pink on the bottom right is clearly meant to be cheery and fun.


While certainly more subtle, burgundy is a rich shade that is a less common choice for a blue house and one most people might overlook. I love the burgundy door on the home on the right below, along with the cream trim and burgundy accents.

Rich burgundy is an unexpected choice for the front door and trim accents on this Georgetown, DC rowhouse.

Hopefully, this has provided some inspiration to you in choosing a color for your blue house (or maybe even inspired you to paint your house blue!) Which color would you choose? Is there another color you would add?Please let me know in the comments!

And remember – when choosing colors for your home, don’t be afraid to be creative and fun. Whatever YOU decide is perfect!

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