What Haircut From 2021 Trends Is The Best For Square Faces? (Must-Know Tips & Ideas)

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It’s hip to venture out into the world of hairstyles for square faces. Whether you’re seeking a new look or simply want to draw attention to your prominent cheekbones, you’re in good company with a square facial shape.

Celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, and Keira Knightley have all proved that this facial shape can wear a multitude of jaw-dropping styles. Take a look at our tips for different face shape hairstyles to find a cut that highlights your distinctive and strong facial asset.

Hair Tips For Square Faces

Ready to find a new look for square faces? Discovering a new hairstyle is an exciting experience. Especially when you know how fabulous it will look on you. If you have a sqaure facial shape it’s important that you work with this feature with a hairstyle that’s flattering and suitable. You don’t have to hide behind long tresses, in fact- square faces can wear many different hairstyles.

These tips will help you find the right look for your hair type and bone structure.

  1. Opt for a side part. Ditch the down the center part and instead soften your facial structure with an off-set or side hair parting.
  2. If you feel that your facial shape is short and square, why not add some length to your hair and elegonate your look? Straight, shoulder-grazing styles are entirely flattering for square faces.
  3. Ditch the blunt bangs. Don’t chop off your facial features with blunt cuts. Instead, soften and femininze your style with wispy push aside bangs that create curve and interest.
  4. If you’re going to go short, make sure it’s all or nothing. A pixie crop or a layered hairstyle will be much more flattering that a square and boxy bob or your cheekbones.
  5. Avoid volume at the widest part of your face. Don’t round out or add more volume at the widest part of your face. Instead, either grown hair longer or cut it shorter. Curling irons and round brushes that emphaisze volume at your cheeks should be avoided for the best look.
  6. Play with color. Ombre and multi-dimensional hair color can add even more movement and interest to your facial shape. Remember, lighter colors highlight and darker colors define. Have your colorist use these rules to cutom blend a haircolor that plays up your facial shape.

Celebrity Haircuts For Square Faces

Lucy Liu

Credit photo: Ron Adar/Shutterstock

Natalie Portman

Credit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Mena Suvari

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Katie Holmes

Credit photo: lev radin/Shutterstock

Margot Robbie

Credit photo: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

Olivia Wilde

Credit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Keira Knightley

Credit photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Salma Hayek

Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Rosario Dawson

Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Short Haircuts For Square Faces

Long Layered Pixie

Credit photo: instagram.com/jacquelynmarieh

Being one of the most flattering haircuts for square faces, this slightly longer-than-usual pixie cut is fun and playful and works great for all hair types. Towel dry your hair and then add a small amount of styling cream. Blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush to wrap your hair around your head in order to create a slight movement. Once it is complete, dry piece out the ends with a texturizing wax.

Short Bob With Side-Swept Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/moskvichkabbb

This light, a carefree cut is fun and stylish for 2020 and won’t weigh your hair down. Add some bold streaks throughout for a more daring edge. Add a small amount (about the size of a nickel) of shine serum and then blow dry straight using a paddle brush. Turn the ends under with a curling iron or straightener and style the bangs to one side.

Straight Long Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/yokii.san

A long bob is what every girl eventually desires to try, and we get why. Chic and elegant that`s how it makes every woman look no matter the age and style preferences. If you have a square face shape, you should definitely consider picking it for yourself. The length will prolong your face softening the beauty of your sharp jawline and cheekbones. Add side-swept bangs to go with it, and you will look absolutely stunning and eye-catching. A must for girls who love to stand out from the crowd!

Short & Sassy Haircuts For Square Faces

With its side-swept fringe, this adorable asymmetrical pixie cut will soften your face. A two-toned balayage or some bold streaks in the fringe will add a bit of edge to this fun style.

To style, add some styling foam to damp hair and blow dry using your fingers to lift at the roots. Use a medium paddle brush to smooth the fringe to one side and flip it ever so slightly at the ends. Then add a texturizing serum to add volume. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray.

Frisky Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/carolinereceveur

With its funky, uneven fringe and cut to perfectly frame your face, this look is sleek and carefree. Some highlights or lowlights, or even a balayage effect will really make this style pop.

To style, apply straightening cream evenly throughout your damp hair, blow dry using a paddle brush or large round brush until your hair is straight and smooth. Section into back and side sections, securing with a clip. Then, dropping down one section at a time, apply a thermal protection. Flat iron in 1 ½ inch sections, turning the ends in slightly to softly frame your face. Finish with a flexible hold spray.

Inverted Long Bob Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

A long bob, where front tresses become a little bit shorter as they move to the end, may come in handy not only for those with square faces but also with fine hair. When doing such haircuts in 2020, most hairstylists finish the look with soft texturizing to ensure that the hair won’t fall flat and will hold a pleasant lift throughout the day. Surely, since the front portion is longer, you can use it as a framing weapon for your face, creating a total harmony with your unique cut.

Medium Straight Blunt Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/ashley.m.stylist

Nothing can outsmart the magnifying volumetric effect of a side-parted straight lob. As it turns out, a perfectly-leveled one-length cut parted to one side is enough to draw attention from some drastic facial features by putting the burst of volume in the spotlight. Remember to keep your hair at a moderate length, as on longer manes it’s hard to achieve such a bulky twist. As for styling, all you need is a round brush and a nozzle!

Arched Bangs With Layers Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/anhcotran

While thick blunt bangs we all (well, most of us girls) rocked in 2008 are considered outdated today, they have a modernized option. Therefore, if you want to go an easy way to hide up your broad forehead, you can do it with arched layered bangs with wispy texture. Of course, if you want a layered bang, you should get layers throughout the whole length to make everything even. The arched silhouette will add a soft curve to your angled face shape while the well-leveled fringe will do the talking with the forehead.

Haircuts For Square Faces Medium Length

Shoulder-Length Layered Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/riawnacapri

Adding some long layers to your hair will add some movement to your hair without making your face look fuller. Towel dry your hair and work in some styling cream or serum (about the size of a nickel). Part your hair to one side and blow dry till it’s almost dry. (Leave it slightly damp, about 75-80% dry). Wrap your hair slightly with a paddle brush to add movement and flow till your hair is completely dry and curl the ends under with a curling iron or straightener.

Slightly Shaggy Mid-Length Bob Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/anhcotran

This shoulder-length cut with slightly shaggy layers is dramatic and edgy and will accentuate your facial features. Towel dry your hair and then add a smoothing serum. Part your hair to one side and use a paddle brush to blow dry your hair until it is smooth and shiny. Use a flat iron if necessary. This style looks great with ombre tones or a funky two-toned color.

Sultry With Slight Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/sazanhendrix

This is another look for super-long hair and works great for those who don’t want any layers. With its side swept bangs, and tapered layers that frame your face, you will achieve an all-time look that is both elegant and simple.

Towel dry your hair and then add a lightweight styling mousse. Blow dry your bangs the way they naturally fall and then dry the rest of your hair until the majority of the moisture is out. Then dry the rest of the hair using a large round brush to give it a slight, smooth bend. Next, add a slight bend to the ends using a large barrel curling iron and curl your bangs to one side (always curl to the side which they naturally fall). Apply a lightweight finishing spray for hold while maintaining the flow and movement.

Medium Layered Haircut With Blonde Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_by_olive_flip

Layered haircuts attract more attention if there is more than just a cut there. That is where the blonde balayage steps in, especially if it is combined with a dark brown hair color.

Medium Choppy Side-Parted Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/anhcotran

You can exhale with relief after getting to know that a side parting can stay with you. It is a common fact that most women prefer it to the middle parting and we get why.

For your square, shape it is super complimentary. However, a middle one is not so bad too. Especially if it goes with a medium length choppy haircut. What it is it? Hair that goes up to your shoulders cut in different layers. Such an effect will bring more texture and volume, rounding the sharp parts of your face. Definitely in the list of gorgeous hairstyles for sharp faces.

Medium Layered Style

Credit photo: instagram.com/sofiya.bravo

Enhancing the beauty of your natural face structure is what we are trying to do here with hairstyles for square faces. This medium-layered style will definitely help us with this task. Such a choppy technique will only show off the face features you have by complementing them in the best way possible. Layers will bring more volume to your hair, and you will never struggle with texturizing your locks again.

Messy Medium Shag Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

A shag haircut is a magician whose sharply cut layers and messy silhouette serve as a magic wand. Indeed, a woman who once gets a shag will never look the same. To be more exact, she will look even better. Apart from giving an extra lift to the hair type, this haircut works wonders framing women’s faces. Just check out how this messy shaggy lob balances out the face shape. No doubt, that’s one of the hottest haircuts for square faces of all time.

Ideas Of Long Haircuts For Square Faces

Twisty Twirls Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

This look is meant for those with naturally curly or wavy hair and is super-easy to achieve. Wash and condition your hair and wring any excess water out before parting your hair to one side. Blow dry your hair completely on low to medium, using a diffuser and your fingers to work your curls. Shake out your dry hair so it’s wild and loose and apply a finishing spray. Twist your locks around your fingers for extra bouncy twirls.

Long, Luscious Locks

Credit photo: instagram.com/soph.mae

This chic style works great for longer hair with its sexy, sophisticated curls. After parting your hair deeply to one side, apply a thermal protectant from the ends to about the mid-length. Using a 1-inch barrel iron, make tight curls or waves of small sections of your hair from the mid-length to the ends. Run your fingers through your hair and tousle it to break up the curls and achieve a carefree, tousled look.

Long, Wavy Layered Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/goaravetisyan_beauty

This sophisticated look incorporates longer layers with sexy waves that will soften the angles of your face. Simply part your dried hair over to one side and tease hair near the roots and at the crown with a teasing brush. Add dry shampoo prior to this step if you want some extra lift. Curl small to medium sections of the ends only with a 1-inch curling iron. Run your fingers through the curls and spray to hold.

Bohemian Chic Shag Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/prettylittleombre

Being one of the most elegant haircuts for square faces, this look will frame your face perfectly and is surprisingly soft and feminine with a hint of playfulness. Apply a volumizing spray and blow dry your hair using your fingers instead of a brush or styling tool. When your hair is almost totally dry, use a large round brush to smooth it out and add volume. Once your hair is completely dry, add some small random braids. If you want to go funky, add some ribbons or beads into your braids for a totally retro-chic look.

Long Hair Blowout

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairgod_zito

Rainbow hair takes courage to pull off but on the other hand, it is so bright and cheerful, right? Besides, if you style it right, it will soften the features of square-shaped faces. It is double win!

Extra Long Haircut With Blunt Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbykaseyoh

When choosing a new way to style your hair, take into consideration what goes well with what. For example, a blunt fringe is exactly what you need if your face is square-shaped. Besides, what can take away attention from the angles better than bold pastel-colored balayage?

Back Brushed Cascading Waves Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/realericvaughn

Such an elegant and gorgeous wavy hairstyle is for you if you don`t want to cut your hair shorter but still would like to know how to compliment your square face shape. It is not a secret that voluminous locks soften the features of our faces while adding volume to the crown with back brushing also creates an illusion of a longer face.

You don`t need much time to make such a hairstyle so it can easily become part of your daily routine. Loose curl your locks and go through them with your hands to turn them into beautiful waves. Back brush them to the crown of the head and secure the result with a bit of hairspray. You`re done with one of the most beautiful hairstyles for square faces!

Wavy Tousled Chest-Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyjaxx

A medium chest length is perfect for a layered haircut. Looking super effortless and complimentary for your face, it will enhance your beauty especially if you make it a bit more voluminous with waves. Add side-swept bangs to go seamlessly to the rest of the hair and you will love the result. Super dreamy and relaxed looking such a haircut will soften your boxy face shape.

Long Layered Locks With Side Bangs Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/brianacisneros

A trick that we absolutely adore with hairstyles for square faces is adding side-swept bangs. As you have already understood, it is a great way to soften the facial features while also bring in an exciting detail to your whole appearance. It is not a secret that it makes you look stylish and dreamy. Imagine spicing it up with bringing in layering to your hair. Lightness and easiness will for sure appear in your look, and it will, without any doubt, become your signature hairstyle after looking so good on you.

Voluminous Waves With Side-Swept Bangs

Making your long hair with side-swept bangs wavy will bring additional volume and texture that are so necessary to appear on owners of square faces. Loose curl your beautiful locks and let them fall freely. This will make you look dreamy and relaxed while softening the sharpness of your face. Isn`t it perfect for any occasion?

Long, Lavish Layered Haircuts For Square Faces

Credit photo: instagram.com/nurzh8n

With its long layers, this look will soften your face. And it works best for those with thicker hair.

To style, dry your hair as usually and part to one side. Starting at the roots, spray a dry shampoo evenly throughout your hair. Next, use a rat tail comb or teasing brush to tease your hair at the crown and back of your head. Now make loose curls at the ends with a 1-inch curling iron and spray with a flexible hold hairspray.

As you can see, there are some limitations for hairstyles for square faces, but this applies to every face shape as different styles flatter different face shapes.

Captivating Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/jew_booo

This cut is extremely flattering and very feminine. It works best for those with naturally curly hair disregarding the hair texture. It’s because the soft layers add just enough volume for both thick and fine hair.

To style, scrunch your hair while damp with your favorite curling cream. Then blow dry your hair upside down using a diffuser on a cool setting. When it is mostly dry, flip your hair over your head and continue to dry on a low setting, using your fingers to lightly brush your curls away from your face. Add a bit more coloring serum and scrunch gently in small sections working from the ends to the mid-length. Finally, apply a medium finishing spray to allow for natural movement.

Voluptuous Volume

Credit photo: instagram.com/bellamihair

With a deep part and sensual ringlets, this style will surely turn heads wherever you go. It works best for those with medium to thick naturally curly or wavy locks.

To style, make a deep part to the side of your choice. Then apply a quality thermal protectant to your hair from the middle to the ends. Dry as usually. Next, use a 1 inch curling iron and make tight ringlets from the middle to the ends. When all the hair has been curled and cooled, gently tousle the ringlets with your fingers and spray with a flexible hold hair spray.

Femme Fatale

Credit photo: instagram.com/ohmygeeee

This sleek and sexy style is classy and sophisticated and works best for those with thin or fine hair.

To style, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair, combing through evenly. Then blow dry with a paddle brush until smooth and completely dry. Next, section your hair into three sections (both sides and back) and secure with a hair clip. Drop your hair down in 1 ½ inch sections, spray with a thermal protectant and flat iron until sleek. Next, choose a side to pull back and lift in sections, backcombing at the roots for more volume. Secure with hairpins, a comb or a stylish hairclip and finish with a strong hold spray.

Bold, Bouncy Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/bellamihair

Paired with a two-toned color effect, this glamorous style is beautifully bold and sophisticated. Instead of soft high or lowlights, opt for a pop of color, such as deep auburn, and pink combo or perhaps deep brunette with bold orange. This look works best for those with thick and wavy hair.

To style, add volumizing foam or styling mousse to damp hair, blow dry with a medium sized round brush and make a deep part to the side of your choice. Using hot rollers, curl your hair in small sections. Roll each curl back and down and use the largest rollers for the top front section of your hair. Remove the rollers when completely cool, and use a wide tooth comb to gently and slowly comb through the curls. Smooth the section in the front off to the side with the part and secure the section behind your ear on the other side with a clip or barrette. Spay with a medium hold spray to allow for subtle movement.

Side Bangs For Square Face

Credit photo: instagram.com/janine_ker_hair

Bangs for a square face are a good option as they soften facial features and smooth all those corners of your face. Side-swept bangs bring all the attention to your eyes rather than to the corners of your face. The cut off corners on your forehead will make it narrower so that your strong features will be complimented.

If you like having your hair long, just add side bangs to your usual haircut. It will make your hair look lighter and bouncier. Feathered bangs, for example, fall perfectly along your cheekbones. At all cost you should avoid blunt bangs as they will bring that unnecessary straightness to your face that is in fact already straight enough.

Braided Updo

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Braided hairdos are always popular and trendy since they are quite easy to replicate and there is an endless range of types and forms you can try out.

Among many other styles, messy braided updos suit square faces perfectly. Just have a look at this gorgeous crown-like hair do! Beautiful mess and innocence will make anyone around you feel jealous. If you want to enforce the impression – dye your locks in dark red shades. Innocence and seduction in one cup!

Side Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/vivianmakeupartist

It is already proven that braids tend to make your face slenderer and softer. And this is what ladies with square-shaped faces are looking for, isn’t it?

Every lady with long hair knows how to create a French side braid, but not every lady knows what face shape it suits best. Add a tousled crown and cascading curls to your side braid, and you will finish your stunning look. What is more, all you need to use to create this masterpiece is a brush, hairspray, and a hair tie! As simple as that, but if you go on a date like this – it will end up unforgettable, you can trust us here!

Blonde Long Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/presleypoe

Long front layers that seamlessly blend with the rest of your mane are another gorgeous and simple trick to work on your face shape. Once you wave the layered sections, you will add one more angle to the whole silhouette, thus building the balance for your strong jawline. Even if you don’t need to amp up your facial features, this hairstyle looks sophisticated and stylish for everyone.

Natural Long Soft Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

In the hands of women, waves become a fantastic weapon for building the balance to their face shapes. Since you can always regulate the thickness, shape, and direction of your waves, they turn your hair into a canvas for customization! If you have long hair, get it layered first. Then, grab a curling iron, and begin to wave your hair layer by layer. What will do the framing best is the attention to the front pieces. They are usually shorter and lighter, so you can create an additional curve at the forehead and cheeks. As a result, you will see your angles become as soft and balanced as your waves.

Center Parted Layered Blunt Cut

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Although a blunt cut is usually one-length, you can always spice it up with layers. Moreover, layers are musts when it comes to beautifying, especially for square faces. All in all, layers are what can show the best parts of this amazing face shape from the hottest perspective. And here, you can see how to do that with a blunt cut parted to the center. Once you create a center part, you will spread the hair evenly, thus giving the frame from both sides of your face. In this way, you will elongate the face visually, accentuating your amazing jawline.

Side Parted Layered Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Here’s a fail-proof scenario for the next salon appointment. First, you ask for long bangs cascading to one side. Then, you get all your hair layered so that it blends with your fringe seamlessly. In the end, you leave the salon with a red-carpet hairstyle. The best thing is, layered haircuts are super easy to maintain. In most cases, they’re real wash-and-go’s. But that’s not the point. The point is that when layers form a single whole with bangs, they give tons of volume to the crown. Consequently, this volume restores the balance for square faces, making the forehead appear smaller.

Center Parted Messy Layers

Credit photo: instagram.com/anhcotran

Another center-parted masterpiece is going to become your next pick! Although you may have heard that center-parted styles work best for round faces, when they’re long enough, they’re perfect for square faces. Here, they’re not just middle-parted; they’re wispy and long. In this way, the forehead is slightly concealed, yet without overlapping the brows. Apart from that, such haircuts for square faces can also work on thin locks. The layers and nicely blended bangs will simply feed two birds with one scone!

Long Thick Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_by_zolotaya

Even though taking care and maintain long hair isn’t the easiest task, wearing it is the easiest way to frame your face. When you feel the need to frame some part of your face, you simply pull some of your long strands to the front. But, how about you to make this effect even bigger? Besides, it’s not the best plan when it’s windy outside. Okay, it’s just two words: thick layers. By thick layers, we mean layering that involves shaping thicker strands instead of cutting off much density from the hair. Next, just wave the styles, and get next-level gorgeous.

Soft Blunt Waves With Side Part

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Sometimes women underestimate the power of parting. What a shame, though! As a matter of fact, the way you part your hair can drastically change your appearance. Of course, it will change it for the better. That is to say, instead of spending your money and time on a game-changing appointment, you can change the game yourself. Parting your hair to the side and finishing the look with waves will be enough to make the silhouette more harmonic visually.


What is a square face shape?

Facial shapes are just as unique as the person who has it. There are many different facial shapes including oval, heart, round and square. Square facial shapes are defined with strong jawlines and often sharp angles. You know your face is square if you measure your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline and they all measure up at the same width.

Does short hair look good on square faces?

Yes, short hair can be worn by women with square faces. But that doesn’t mean you should just lop your length off into a square cut or a bob. Instead, focus on layers which will add height to your face, or go for a classic pixie that has lots of playful movement. Anything that breaks up the strong lines of your face shape will be flattering.

Do bangs look good on square faces?

Just like the overall cut should have movement, bangs should never be blunt on a square facial shape. Side-swept and wispy lines will work best if you want to wear bangs.

Where should I part my hair?

Side parts are the most flattering on a square facial shape. Not only will you balance out your other features, you’ll downplay your prominent forehead and jawline when tossing hair to the side.


  • The shape of the face in terms of “how everything hangs together” is an important determinant of beauty. Source
  • In need of a new do This guide will help you identify your bone structure and find the best haircut for your face shape. Source

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