What is Soulwork? – The Path of Embodying Unconditional Love

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Through the ages, countless sages, mystics, gurus, yogis and enlightened men and women have pointed to the fact that we are much more than our physical bodies or personalities. We are, in fact, the eternal, timeless, unconditionally loving presence within us, known as the Soul.

Yet these days, most of us have lost touch with the truth of who we are. We assume that we are our bodies, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, and preferences because that is what we’ve been conditioned to believe since childhood.

Soulwork is the path of reuniting you with your True Nature again. When you learn how to listen to and reclaim your True Nature, or Soul, you experience what awakened beings through the ages refer to as Nirvana: the ability to transcend suffering, embody unconditional love and peace and live authentically again. Furthermore, when we live from the Soul we are immediately able to understand our sacred life purpose.

However, Soulwork requires real dedication and commitment, hence why we have created this website. In order to discover the truth of who we are, we must set out on the path of the lone wolf, or spiritual seeker. While this path can be supported and nourished by others, it is ultimately a solitary path that demands courage, persistence, and the willingness to dig deep.

Because the vast majority of us have lost touch with our souls, we suffer from a host of mental, physical and spiritual illnesses such as chronic disease, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, addiction, and abuse. We refer to spiritual illness as “soul loss.”

In order to listen to our Souls and become awakened beings, we must commit ourselves removing everything that obscures our inner light and keeps us stranded in darkness. Common blockages include conditioned beliefs, ideals, dogmas, repressed thoughts and feelings, and childhood wounds.

By learning how to listen to our Souls and removing all inner blockages, we open a doorway to experiencing true freedom and everlasting inner peace.

Whether directly or indirectly, our entire website is dedicated to both Soulwork; the process of spiritually maturing.

People who have incorporated Soulwork into their lives have reported:

  • More inner clarity
  • Stronger connection to instincts or intuition
  • Renewed sense of meaning in life
  • Discovery of gifts and strengths
  • Better decision-making
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Love for self
  • Empathy
  • Improved relationships
  • More energy and physical vitality
  • Peace of mind

You can read more about SoulWork and how to practice it.

Why Soulwork?

Soulwork is about descending into the core of our beings, removing inner blockages, and undertaking the courageous task of healing, forgiving, understanding, empowering, and loving ourselves.

Our work is based on the shamanic belief that there are three planes of existence: the Upperworld, the Middleworld, and the Underworld.

For too long we have focused on the Middleworld, or the physical plane and its materialistic and egocentric pursuits. We’ve also focused too much on the Upperworld, or realm of Spirit, emphasizing the importance of attaining enlightenment but forgetting the importance of cultivating a connection with our Souls.

In order to ascend, we must first descend. Focusing on the Spirit without cultivating the Soul is like plastering a pretty bandage over a festering sore. Methods of raising your vibration such as yoga and prayer are important, but pointless without Soulwork. Meditation will help you become more mindful, but it won’t help mend the deep, painful cracks within your soul. This is where the necessity of Soulwork lies.

Soulwork is about meeting and making peace with all that we have rejected within ourselves. It is about acknowledging and exploring the damaged parts of our psyche. It is about picking up the scattered pieces of our estranged selves, and dressing our wounds with the medicine of compassion.

The purpose of Soulwork is to help us spiritually mature as spiritual beings having a human experience. As we make our way through the winding and often perilous paths of our inner Underworlds, we reclaim the soul gifts of empathy, sensitivity, self-responsibility, strength, truth and inner harmony.

Soulwork encompasses many sacred crafts and techniques. These sacred practices include, for example:

  • Shadow work
  • Dreamwork
  • Uncovering your unique soul gifts
  • Connecting with your spirit guides
  • Self-love and acceptance
  • Self-awareness and self-discovery
  • Mindfulness
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Creative expression
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Self-inquiry
  • Examining and changing negative beliefs
  • Core wound and core belief discovery
  • … and many other methods

Ultimately, Soulwork is about forging a bridge back to Spirit. Only by developing a bond with our souls can we ever hope to ascend to taste liberation and Oneness. To fully reclaim your wholeness is what we refer to as the state of being an Elder Soul.

An Elder Soul is a Master and awakened being. You can read more about Elder Souls.

Twin Flames & Soul Mates:

Learn how to forge true, deep, and enduring twin flame and soul mate love – no matter what stage you’re at, starting right now. This book is for anyone seeking to find and create an authentic, fulfilling, and awakened relationship.

In order to reconnect with the innate wholeness within us, it is vital that we work with our souls. All of life is blessed when you learn to embody the pure unconditional love that is your True Nature. Our dream, vision, and life-calling is to help you fulfill your soul’s destiny.

Want to discover more about Soulwork? You can find more information in the accompanying pages:

  • Why am I unhappy?
  • How do I start?

We hope this page has helped you discover where to start on your spiritual path.

Lots of love,

Luna & Sol

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