What to Wear to Work When You Can’t Wear Jeans

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We are just a couple short weeks away from summer: the days are beautiful and the weather is perfection. I’m loving the flexibility I’ve had recently with my work wardrobe in terms of variation. You guys have been asking for alternative work wear styles, especially for those who can’t wear jeans to the office.

Knowing that your favorite pair of jeans might need to stay home during the work week, switch things up by adding a denim jacket for those breezy mornings or late evenings. It’s an easy piece to drape over my shoulders, rather than constantly putting it on and off all day. It can instantly take a “work look” and make it a little more casual & laid back, perfect for those summer Fridays in the office.

As an alternative to jeans, I’m loving the chic working vibe given by these wide-legged cropped pants. There’s exquisite flow with light fabric that keeps me comfortable throughout the day. These pants will never trade function for style, and they have a very modern feel to them. In black, white, or any other neutral, they are the perfect pant to pair with most of your closet. Love.

To keep any wardrobe flexible, you have to have the right shoes. These nude pumps are the perfect effortless addition to any working outfit. Sensible, pronounced yet subdued, and extremely comfortable for an 8-hour work day.

To have a good day at the office, you need to look good and feel good. These styles are how it’s done!


Business Casual Workwear Styles

Outfit Details

Jacket (small) | Top c/o (xs) | Pants c/o (size 0) | Shoes | Sunglasses | Celine Handbag (similar)

Photos: Arielle Levy

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