When A Process Becomes Obsolete – Friday Distraction

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I received a phone call from a friend this week who mentioned having 4 rotating file devices used to store business contact information on her desk. Maybe you’ve heard of these before – the name is a portmanteau of the words rolling and index. I couldn’t help but wonder, do people still use those? I figured everyone has a digital contact directory by now. But after a quick search, I discovered that you can still buy them at most office supply stores. Who knew?

But I can definitely see a day when certain paper items become obsolete. Or at minimum, become very hard to find. Then decisions have to be made. Will you spend more to have the paper version because it’s comfortable? Or transition to a new way of doing things?

This isn’t just an individual thing. The same goes for our business processes. Today’s Time Well Spent from our friends at Kronos is a reminder that never is a very long time.

We certainly do not have to be early adopters of every new technology or process. We do need to recognize trends and challenge ourselves to try new (and maybe more effective) ways of accomplishing the same goal. Being left behind isn’t advantageous or profitable.

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