Where To Find Second Hand Furniture Online

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When buying furniture brand new can so often be our go-to. With places like Wilkos offering lots of great budget pieces and Ikea with all their awesome storage solutions, it’s can seem like the easiest option. However, there are plenty of reasons to look to for second-hand furniture online when giving your home a makeover or when you’re starting out with a new place.

Where To Find Second Hand Furniture Online

When writing this piece, I actually realised that the majority of the furniture in my living room was bought second hand. This includes our dining room table and chairs, T.V unit, storage chest, two bookcases, a chest of drawers and a nest of three tables. Even our decorative electric fireplace was second-hand. All but one of these items was bought online, via Facebook and all of it looks great.

Reasons to buy second-hand furniture online

  • It’s better for the environment – so much furniture that could be upcycled or reused ends up in landfill because people don’t know what else to with it or can’t be bothered to rehome it.
  • Secondhand can be much cheaper than buying new.
  • Buying online locally can help cut emissions if the furniture isn’t being ferried across the country.
  • Lots of old or upcycled furniture will be much better quality than newer flat-pack items.

Buying second hand furniture from Etsy

If you’re looking for some furniture that’s interesting or quirky Etsy is the place to go. Lots of the furniture on Etsy is handmade and uses secondhand elements such as reclaimed wood or steel. While it’s probably a bit more expensive than buying basic second hand pieces, the furniture you get will have a much newer look and feel to it. I love this table made using reclaimed scaffold boards.

Buying second hand from eBay

When thinking about buying any items online, eBay is more often than not peoples go-to place. As they are so well known they have a huge reach which includes both buyers and sellers. If you’ve found a piece of furniture you like at somewhere like Ikea or Argos, there’s a strong possibility someone is selling it second hand on eBay. You’ll also find a range of older, more sturdy furniture too.

If you’re worried about delivery costs then remember you can search eBay specifically for items close to where you live using the filters.

Second-Hand Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

As so many of us now access Facebook from our phones its easy to think of it as not really even being ‘online’ as such.

Facebook marketplace is great for finding second hand furniture online, especially items that are local to you. Even if you don’t have transport of your own, people living locally are often happy to deliver for a small charge.

It’s worth remembering though that Facebook doesn’t offer the same level of protection for your money as eBay does so be careful and pay with PayPal if you can.

Another way to find awesome second-hand furniture online via Facebook is by following some businesses that specialise in upcycling furniture.

I have a beautiful wooden trunk in my living room that I bought through a local lady that upcycles furniture. When we found a T.V unit second hand on Facebook we got in touch in with her again and she was happy to sand and paint it for us to match our trunk for a small charge. We also bought a nest of tables for our living from her – these have removable glass tops so the paper underneath can be changed if we decide to change our decor.


Gumtree is the U.Ks biggest classifieds listing platform and a has a huge array of second-hand items. It’s a great place to find second-hand furniture online. To see what’s available simply pop in the item you are looking for and your postcode and a list will appear with everything available.

I did a quick search ‘Dining Table and Chairs’ for my local area (5-mile radius) to get a gauge of prices and the range was huge – from as little as £20 all the way up to £350 which is a massive difference. It’s probably worth checking what prices are new and then comparing with other online sites like eBay to decide how much you’re happy to spend on second-hand furniture.

When using Gumtree I did notice loads of quite invasive ads for new furniture, so make sure you ignore/don’t click on these. At one point I could see four ads around the items for sale which was annoying to the point it might well put me off using the site again. However, I do have the app which is a little better on the Ad front.

Upcycling your own furniture

Another option could be to upcycle furniture you already have or upcycle a piece you’ve found secondhand that isn’t quite to your taste. It does take time and effort but it could save a lot of money and you’ll end up with something that’s totally unique. If you’re not brave enough to do a full upcycle, even small tweaks like changing knobs or handles could make a huge difference to the overall look of a piece.

There are lots of upcycling tutorials on YouTube.if you need some inspiration.

Things to remember when buying secondhand furniture online

  • Flatpack furniture, such as Ikea Kallax units, aren’t always as strong when reassembled.
  • If you’re worried about how to style second-furniture in your home an interior blogger could be a great source of inspiration.
  • If you’d like to buy something locally, both Facebook and eBay let you search by distance to where you are.
  • If you are able to collect, people are often giving away bulky furniture like wardrobes and beds for free
  • Look out for house clearances advertised online as these will often have lots of cheap second-hand furniture

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